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Super Emergency!

Brought to you by Global Gear again! I should just setup a template for them. lol Base on the same gameplay as Korette Myaku Ari? (See my post here) and Suki ni Nattara Make (See my post on 1 here & 2 here) but the genre is totally different! This time you take on the role of a councilor/advisor of some sort for your friends!

There are alot more characters compared to the previous titles with the same gameplay! So this game will surely keep you busy!
The sparkles around the Chou Kanji makes it so refreshing in my opinion...? lol

Suzuki Tatsuya (Name changeable) receive a text from his friends asking for help remotely... their lives depends on his responses?!

Togami Noboru
Oomori Maiko
Fusujima Ryou
Harai Taisuke
Omoi Kana
Shimanaga Shouta
Fushida Raika
Ushiro Mamoru
Kamiki Hiroyoshi
Aino Risa

The meter starts at 50%, with the rating of your options are shown as Great, Good or Bad. Upon obtaining the ending you could restart all over! The ratings are recorded after first play so you could make sure you choose the right answer for the second or third play! There are also instant dead end status, luckily, they will alert you before it happens.

My real message to him isn't even on this option list! XD

The required rates for unlocking endings:
Bad end 1 50%+
Bad end 2 60%+
Bad end 3 70%+
Normal end 80%+
Happy end 90%+

Honestly, if you're rock climbing, please call someone using hands free else rather than texting... lol in actual fact, I don't think they should call anyone when they're in that situation. I don't think I was any good with my choices, I mean I ended up reaching the dead ends early on for the friends. lol

I love the fact that this one actually have a relationship tree - not to mention the relationships are revealed after the character is unlocked or upon reaching the happy ending. lol Not surprising to see some characters are linked to the others in some way. That (relationship tree) you don't see everyday in these type of game!

Your points are earned upon an ending is reach and are used to unlock other situations / characters. Though I find the points to be redundant when all your characters are unlocked. Unless I could spurge on increasing the figures... wouldn't that be nice. lol


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