[Android] Ore no Kanojo Satsujinoni ni Owareteimasu

Stay on LINE NINE!

Brought to you by Entabridge! I played it because their new game came across the recommended title on my list and I saw the amount of reviews with high stars rating on it! Looking at their games I decided to play their older title first... and I was hooked for the full duration of the story!

Not for the faint hearts.
The untidy colouring reminds me of Ib. XD

This one takes approximately 10 minutes to finish so I won't go into the details of how to play etc since it's not necessary! All they ask for is you to stay on the chat! Apparently the gameplay is chat x horror novel that is trending in America... Is that true? XD

Personally I'm not a huge fan of horror, but I did play Ib on PC (See my post here) and they both gave me the creeps while playing them. Entabridge did another game subsequent to this one, called Kaii keijiban to 7tsu no uwasa which in my opinion, alot scarier than this one! TAT It is a lot lengthier too, but that said, I stopped at the first case because it was graphic. On a side note, I don't recommend on looking too closely at your mobile while playing it. ^^;

Back on track and on to the spoiler for those who choose not to play!


*Spoiler Alert*
I love the fact that they allow you to watch a short ad to go back to prior to the option! That way I managed to see the multiple endings where everyone's role would change without having to re-read all the texts. Not to mention the atmosphere builds up too with the phone calls...!

Just when I thought it was all over upon saving Kanojo, the true End was what scared me the most with those... bloody fingerprints! XD I was bad and doesn't realise them keep building up the same area where my texts goes so it made it hard for me to read. lol I love the little touch to the change in the title after True End finishes.
*Spoiler Ends*

Overall I think the story is well planned (despite being so short), hence there are lots of positive reviews from so many other players! Another reason why I made this post which the genre is quite out of my character to play!

You got to play it!


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