[Android] Akumu no Kuni no Arisu

Alice in Nightmareland

Brought to you by Owl Soft (Released in the name Yusuke Tekeuchi if you're on iOS)! If you're not careful you would actually come across alot of horror apps! XD To be honest, this one isn't that scary compared to the last app I reviewed. lol

If you're familiar with the Alice in Wonderland story, the story is pretty straight forward! It actually reminds me of the Stray Cat Doors app that I played not long ago... and I thought I posted it! Looks like I haven't after searching it (I must have posted all these backlogs in my dreams =w=;).
Abit bright for a supposed to be nightmare...

Arisu Rui met a young man with white hair, red eyes and huge bunny ears in his dream. As Rui chase after the young man, it suddenly became pitch dark. When he comes to conscious, he was already in a mysterious country. With the support from a girl with cat ears called Cheshire Neko, Rui answers the questions of the people who lives in Nightmareland as he tries to find a way out...

White Usagi
Chershire Neko
Mitsuki Usagi
Nemuri Nezumi
Kuro no Trump Hei
Aka no Trump Hei


Tap on the suspicious area to pick up items to be used.

* Watch ad to get hints if you're stuck. To be honest I managed to finish without the hints! Although I do get stuck on some and somehow I managed!
* Look into the background for more items! They tend to be blended into the background! Almost need a microscope to read! XD
* Revisit your items by tapping it again to show more details!

I must say the puzzle flow wasn't the best, like the hints felt as if it is for that particular puzzle but referencing it with another hint in order for the puzzle to be solved. ^^;

The real question from this game...

I do like all the characters design in this one! It's a shame that the story is so short, even the last few puzzles feel so short as well. Rui looks like a mixture of Riku and Nagi in Idolish7 (Body of Riku with Nagi colour scheme)! I particularly like that hair up. XD To be honest I did wonder if Chershire Neko was a boy or a girl. First thought was a girl. Though that flat chest (Looks abit like abs lol), not to mention I was getting a weird vibe from Hakuto in the true end (The changed in background style to a more realistic style and plus the usual locked room), that's when I really had second thoughts. lol But reading from the app descriptions, she's definitely a girl. I guess it's the artists fault for giving her abs. XD


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