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Seiyuu Voice x Koisuru Mesamashi

Brought to you by SugarBeats, but I known it as Sugar Rain (I think they're actually more alert on twitter nowadays but that's the official "website")! It's been a while since I looked into the voiced apps, not to mention alarms! This one have probably been released for a while but I only just notice it on Android.
Simplicity is the best!

Yukito (CV: Shirai Yusuke)
Keigo (CV: Yamashita Seiichirou)
Fumito (CV: Tamaru Atsushi)


The app is dedicated to support sleeping and waking patterns (It doesn't work that way for me. XD) with up to 3 different types of alarm. Also, did I mention it is possible to get all the voices without having to pay anything - this is according to the app description, so WOOT!

Voice completion commence from 25% from start. There are additional for 8 Voice pack, 3 Alarm Voice, you did great today, 3 birthday messages, study, voice check and free talks! Collect those oyasumi stamps to unlock more voices!

This guy literally haven't gotten out of bed at all. lol

* Make sure you set your name, alarm and birthday!
* Choose the BGM that best suit your sleep!
* Don't forget to deem those lights if you intend to sleep with the app running. Saves batteries!

Nothing overly exciting with alarm apps generally apart from the voiced lines! Nowadays they even do the English translation for you - for me I prefer to see the subtitles in Japanese but suppose the market is really the west! I went straight off with the Oyasumi Kareshi - Yukito, who is also Yamato in Idolish7! XD I think he sounded less like Yamato in the game Hajimete no Kareshi Kaizo keikaku!

Although he's not my favourite from the series, but I do think we could stay tune for more characters to come. Because by the looks of things, they simply migrate the newer characters across from the Situation Kareshi App, - See my post here)? I obviously stopped following it since ages ago. XD


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