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Twilight Hotel

Brought to you by SEEC Inc! Their artworks for their titles have gotten so much better since I last played their non houchi game! Looking back on my post I think it was Watashi no Riajuu Keikaku Henji Mattemasu! (See my post here). Even with that one, it's messaging gameplay so... I actually haven't touched any of their dasshutsu titles!

I was meant to play the Shimeshin (It was downloaded on my old iPhone previously) and Kangoku Shounen (I still got this one on my current phone though) but never ended up doing so. X'D I guess that's when the drawings improved without my noticing too much. Perhaps I'll give them a go after this one.
The cover looks plain at first, but once you progress with the story, the characters are added on!

Tsukahara Neko was caught into the accident on her way to the 36 sister Q group. There she arrived to the another world where they don't have any memories and the time is always set to dawn with an endless horizon. There was only one building before her, the Tasokare Hotel. There she was greeted by the Shihainin with a flame head and told her she have passed on!? Work as a maid at the Tasokare Hotel as you find unlock the mystery about the guests identities and their causes of death...

Atori Haruto
Oosoto Masaki
Kaneko Konomi


The novel goes by ticket system with 8 chapters in total. Each ticket is used for part of each chapters with few (game over) endings and only one true route that allows you to progress with the story.

You have the ability to move around the hotel, searching for items in the guests rooms (mostly) and inquiring characters for information to help solve their mysterious identities!

Once all the information are collected, using the logic items to uncover the character's background before arriving at the hotel. You could also Take that! present the items to expose their true identities or find contradictions in the character's statements. You have a limit of 5 tries before you reach an end (game over). Not to mention some cases, the status are carried over to the next stage...!

And as expected from SEEC, you always get alittle bit of that houchi gameplay! :D

There are two gacha sessions where you could roll maximum of 3 times per session. First roll is free, follow by watching two short ads for the extra two rolls. You have a chance to earn 20 / 40 / 100 coins which could be used to level up (Change outfit) Neko or unlocking CGs (200 for seen ones and 1000 for unseen ones)! This isn't the only reason to play the houchi gameplay though, because in between the story, there are missions that you need to complete, which is simply checking if Neko have the required level!

* Try to clear before the early clear bonus disappears if you don't like to watch ads! XD
* There are no easy way out. lol Don't take the lazy options.
* Always check your items, because they could turn into something more useful.
* Try combining the evidences!
* Don't forget to walk around the hotel! I admit I got stuck in the room too long to realise I could actually walk out!
* Only get the answer when you're really stuck so you don't spoil the puzzles!
* Screen capture the answers because you need to watch another ad before you could revisit them. lol

Mixture of Phoenix Wright x escape room vibe! lol Not sure if you get my reference earlier with the Logic and Take that! reference which will explain the gameplay more. XD I love a dasshutsu game with story! Not to mention potential romance route?!

I have yet to finish the game (I'm currently half way through and I need more tickets lol) but with the ikemen Atori being involved with Neko! Ok, perhaps it was just senpai/kouhai relationship, but I do think there was something when Masaki appeared! Masaki looks visually ok but I knew he have some thing up his sleeves so I didn't even ship him at all. If it's not clear enough, I ship Neko and Atori. lol As per the pronunciation of their names - a cat and a bird! =w= I also enjoyed their interactions and learning about this world where there are no internet or mobile, and only darts and billiard.

Can't wait until I uncover all the truth!


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