[Andorid] Stray Cat Doors

Adventure of the lost cat

Brought to you by Pulsmo Inc! I played it because of the cute art style, but also because of the positive reviews. Not to mention, I had extra time on hand to kill whilst traveling on trains previously. lol

The whole game is text less (Not including hints XD), so there isn't really a said prologue apart from the fact that it's about a girl with cat ears hat and she have a cat! They also released a set of Line stickers base on this app recently, so you could see how cute they are!

Posting this one since I mentioned it in my Akumu no Kuni no Arisu post (See my post here)! XD
The pastel colour reminds me of Monument Valley... XD


Tap at suspicious area to collect or use items.


There are 6 Stages in total. Each cleared stage will be permanent part of the room which could be replayed through stage select.

* View the ad to get hint if you're stuck!
* write down the answers if you plan to play later, because they don't have save function for between stages! orz

The music was very smoothing, so I wasn't overly stressed when playing it. lol Slightly disappointed in the lack of story after completion of 6 stages (Though there are bonus extra to play...)! Well I did enjoy the change in the room after completion of each stage. Also how the girl does a little dance when she have finally escaped... and finding a cat at the door waiting. lol Makes me wonder whose the boss in the game. XD

If i tried to read into all the things in the game. I think the little girl is in primary school (red backpack haha), her parents are often not at home so she would return home to a empty house. The only thing different is the stray cat that she rescued on the rainy day. Since then, both goes on a "adventure" based on story books... or simply, the one that goes on the adventure is actually the cat herself (The only bell part that's not explained in what I said earlier)! lol

The story is for your imagination!


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