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Let's DTI!

Brought to you by Pony Canyon x Hakusensha! I must say, I haven't seen manga styled illust on a game for quite a while! The manga (Volume 2 and running) is illustrated by Fuyunatsu Akiharu (Direct translation would means Winter Summer Autumn Spring!) which at the moment they are offering first chapter for free at MangaPark! There is also a radio show for this one too but I would imagine it to be less funny without the visuals. lol

There are various playable songs which are created by DECO*27, Saeki YouthK, Rockwell, ZANIO... to be honest, I only know DECO*27 from Vocaloid! XD

Please read on while not eating. lol
This cover makes them look like magical girls. lol

In this world, the value of the idols are graded by how fast their clothes disappears... Let's high speed stripping!

What's with the strip models and D cup shounen in their profiles. lol On a side note, they are named after colours.

Hinose Akari (CV: Yashiro Taku)
Kuga Mikoto (CV: Hatanaka Tasuku)
Aizaki Kaito (CV: Narumi Kazuki)
Fukamura Shion (CV: Hamano Daiki)
Sakurashitamami Kouki (CV: Hanae Natsuki)
Houshou Hisuimaru (CV: Koyasu Takehito)


Tap any where on the screen as the beat reach the mark in the live performance. The number of combo would change the character's clothing and expression! Tap on the item that appears (Note, they're separate to the beat so are required to be tap on separately!) to recover the HP gauge and skills! Not to mention, you're automatically competing with other players nationwide.


Don't forget to nurture your character by collecting the points and allocating them to the character! It should be noted that the points could only be allocated to the character you selected. Character story is unlocked as you level the character up and are fully voiced.

The titles are more funny in the original Kanji, e.g. where the word Strip have the same sound as Dash. lol

* Moeyo Dasshui ~Eternal Light~
* Dasshu Go!! Candel
* SIO -Salt in Ocean-
* Hannugi Sold Out!!
* Hajihadakai Fallin' Luv
* Perfect Jewel

* Make sure you tap upon the game being download! You could get 500 jewels (in game currency) during the download. If you don't tap, you don't get it - I had a friend to test this out! XP
* Daily login!
* Don't forget to active action by tapping on the bar at the bottom during the Live performance!
* Remember to level up your characters!
* Remember to collect the points from the love meter!

It was hilarious reading their conversation between one another. Such as Akari was studying hard by watching the live performance of the godly stripping skills and how much he admire it. It's hard not to laugh when they were so serious about it. lol Also a few things set in the background that is quite funny, the express lane for strip priority? lol

I have yet to unlock the other characters, however the songs are playable regardless. Currently there are quite alot of bugs since the game is relatively new. Mind you, there are people out there with crazy scores though. I didn't like how there isn't support from friends, nevertheless, I shall slowly play it for the lols.

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