[Android] Oideyo! Gijinheya

Mono ga Hanashikaketekita?!

Brought to you by DownTownApps (Or Ryusuke Akabane on iTunes). It looks like the company generally does alot of short game apps with the finding object gameplay under the Aru Aru list! I picked this one up randomly because I thought the art style looks nice and was curious what it has to offer. The Shoujo manga aru aru! Tenkousei wa daitai Ikemen does look interesting too.

Up to 60 different Gijinka objects to find inside your room, classroom, toilets (Not the best imagery I know lol) and more...!


You'll be ask to find the human form of an object. Tap on the character you think is the said object. If you get it wrong you'll be advise and you could retry. If you get it correct you'll be shown the character next to the said object in the original form.

Sorry to disappoint, but the star rarity of the characters really meant nothing. lol

Just tap away if you couldn't work out which one is which since not all of their character designs are so obvious. lol

There isn't really a replay value since everything is fixed in one location and there isn't a storyline attached to it. But you could always revisit it for cute Gijinka character design ideas! XD But to imagine if everything was to turn human form then you wouldn't have so much space for everything else! It was interesting what they choose to have human form for, and what not. lol

I think they could totally do a sequel, just keep changing the locations. Maybe on a train/bus/aeroplane... XD Just probably stay away from the toilet... or showing me which character was Toilet Gijinka! I probably wouldn't want to talk to her in human form...


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