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Brain "train"ing puzzles

Brought to you by WHRP Inc! They're more known for their popular title OniYome (Ore to Oniyome no 100 nichi senki!) and Black Baito (Black Baito wa Hajimemashita Izakaya hen). I've also posted about their other title called Otouto Grand Prix! (See my post here) previously.

I randomly come across the title as I was looking for more short puzzle games. Which also explains why I was talking about trains in my last post with Oideyo! Gijinbuya (See my post here)!

You need to fit the train up completely before the train could depart. Similar to Tetris, though you get to choose your passenger blocks. Slide the passenger to the place you want or tap on them to flip them. You could always remove them or move them anytime. There are passengers when placed together, gives you higher scores for combo. They're identified with the glow when you place them next to one another.


UP to 4 routes and 84 stations!

* If you use item then you could score up to 1.5 times more points.
* I find the pigeons, cats and little girl extremely helpful to fill up spaces! So move them on to the train while you're at it, even if they give you less scores.

Too hard for hard mode. At this rate, this is taking me hours to actually get the train moving hence decrease in efficiency. lol Not to mention even if the train is full for the next station... what if there are more passengers that wanted to board the train in the next stop? XD

If you enjoyed this title, then you'll be pleased to know that a similar title with the train themed released by Hayato Saito, but more 2D called Orimasu! Orimasu! Manin Densha Kara no Dasshatsu Puzzle! Except this time you're trying to get off the train!


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