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Brought to you by Level-5 Inc x Gungho Online Entertainment! I was told about this one was similar to Pokemon Go! (See my post here) by Bambi so I went to look it up! And I note it have been released on the Japanese store already (Even better)!

So here's my play history on the game app and minimal information... mostly because I don't live in Japan. XD
I think they should have trainers Youkai Watch bearer on the cover with the mobile instead. XD

As usual you're greeted by Whisper who advise you that you are one of the chosen one to obtain the Youkai watch! I was interesting for me while playing this game in Japanese that they use Romaji / English for the landmarks. Mostly because google maps (International!), or maybe that's to assist people who can't read complicated kanji (The original intended audience for Youkai Watch).


When you tap onto the search (Youkai Meter button) on the map, the Youkai medal would appear. I actually think they should make the Youkai appear on the map instead of them in medal form, because you only get Youkai medal when you befriend them. =3= I guess they save some data on having them as medals...


First you have to find Jibanyan in the real life through the camera function. I find this very similar to Denpaman which I used to play on DS, but they also released one on mobile (See my post here). XD


After discovering the Youkai you need to battle it! The great thing about this one is that it's on autopilot. Interestingly, I accidentally got out of the screen and went back in to find the battle was paused. lol I don't get the point of having the pause function when everything is on auto, but it seems to be common too as seen in Onmyoji (See my post here)?

In between you get this guy called Hikakin explaining the gameplay. Honestly I prefer to see whisper explaining it. lol Why is there 3D in my 2D game. XD It's kind of funny they did that but I guess it's to get more people to play the game. Because I mean, the real paying customers are all adults... no?

As usual, Whisper is pretty stingy, he took all the Nyans (They remind me of Houseki no Kuni haha) back and gave you a tutorial gacha instead. I did my first gacha roll and it wasn't too bad with majority of B+ ranking youkai. Though the best part was that you get to re-roll to your hearts content! XD I did it 3 times in order to get Fubukihime, which was one of the 4 S ranked Youkai from the tutorial gacha!

Upon completion of the tutorial, you're then taken to your current location... which in my case, not on the radar! orz That said, I wouldn't be able to find Youkai along the way (I believe and I have yet to test it because I don't want to walk in the cold when I did my PokeGO shift today already haha) and not to mention I wouldn't be able to find those spirit trees!

I spurge my Youkai tama (Ingame currency) in the gacha and managed to get the A rank Jibanyan, TJibanyan (I think T meant Traveller) and two TKomasan! I wish my Komasan was the default one and not duplicate! XD But on a side note, I think the gacha rates are pretty good compare to other games! I wonder if that is to ensure people continue to play?

You could place your favourite Youkai in the Youkai holder that's easily accessible on the map screen (8 slot and subject to increase it seems?) or medal box, where all the other Youkai medals are stored (Up to 100 slot at the moment). You cannot put the Youkai into the Youkai Holder when they're set as your battle members. There is the front line and the back line position.

Other function include adding friends and touching this golden egg. lol You could pat it every 5 hours, and require a 7 pats to hatch something. XD I have yet to find out if it's going to hatch some low ranking Youkai since I don't have them yet.

Feel free to add me, my player ID: y104189840 ! I wonder if that means there are that many people playing already? XD You could select how you want to be called, have a introduction line, get likes, show friends your favourite place and your favourite Youkai (Provided you have the Youkai Medal lol) to display your location icon on map!

I might keep the account for a little while seeing that I have some good Youkai Medal on hand. Perhaps abit of walk here and there to finish some of the side quests. I hope they could update the maps to extend to outside of Japan! XD


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