[Android] Mama ni Game kakusareta! 3

My game's been hidden by mum again!

Brought to you by Hap Inc! The sequel to the nice little addictive and fast paced game that I played previously (See my post here)! Interestingly to see alot of spin off from the popularity of this game to trick you into downloading them...! I did (purposely) play a few but I must say it's not quite the same. lol The characters in this game is alot more lovable! Highly recommend to play the first two games before this one!

Read on for short review (Because it seems like these type of posts gets finished before the others lol)!
Cheeky mum!

Whilst playing the game in your room, you were spied on by your mother. The next day, you searched up and down for your game console and figured... your game console was hidden away by mum!

Where's my mum...?

The gameplay is similar to that of escape rooms! Tap on objects to trigger action for picking up/using! There are total of 31 days (stages) with 5 random (Omake stages)!

* Recommend to find and trigger the mum end first! XD There's one in every day since this time they included the mum collection (ends) overviews which was interesting because the mother wasn't so visible in some. lol
* Think outside the box! Literally! Only for one stage, but otherwise you could do it for the lol!
* There are different ways to use items...!

I think the focus is mostly on the mum this time round. Not to mention she's alot more creepy than the last two games! XD I honestly thinks the mum is a tsun after seeing the ending. All she wanted was a little bit of attention (Or simply play hide and seek) from her son. lol The best way to stop this game from occurring would be to get rid of the console. lol But the developer would definitely not do that. Not to mention he could have use day 29 as the opportunity to get 5 stars rating on the app store instead (Ok, he's not that sly to do that but it deserves a full 5 stars rating regardless). lol

I think the game 2 ended better than this one. This one felt abit rushed and less creative. I guess because they shifted the focus to the mother! This one should have been better as game 2 and make the game 2 the game 3 because of the perfect lead on for the next generation...!

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