[iPhone] Collar x Malice

My play history on the prologue

Brought to you by Otomate and beautifully illustrated by Mai Hanamura! My memory of her works have stayed mostly for Moujuutsukai to Oujisama (One of my favourite!) and Amnesia! I guess it's time to update my memory with Collar x Malice and see what the hype is about!

You might notice the regular update recently... that's mostly because I needed room on my phone to play more otome games hence I've been more on top of things! lol

Is it just me or is there no free chapters at all. lol Pretty much just set in the year of 20XX, Hoshino Ichika (Name changeable) is a police officer working in Shinjuku.

I hardly knew what was going on, not to mention I didn't even see the ikemen that I might meet along the way which is more likely to make me continue to play it (Well probably not on the phone but on Vita)! On top of that I didn't get to hear any of their voices!

I'm guessing they're the ones that are tied to the chair with eyes and mouth taped here. lol

Did I waste your time reading this post this time round? I guess I got excited for nothing too. XD Since when did the demo gotten so short!? But seeing some of the comment that it's a lot cheaper than the hard copy of the game did tempt me abit. Though I guess I'll stay away from this for a little while longer... *is a console game person more when it comes to spending* Interestingly they are migrating otome games onto Nintendo Switch, but I doubt there would be alot since Nintendo is more for family games.

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