[Cosplay] Sydney Supanova

@ Sydney Olympic Park

Held at the Sydney Olympic Park on the 15-17 June 2018! Back on track with posts since I was procrastinating on drawing and now convention and birthday celebration is all over. lol

The post isn't so much about the convention itself (since this year I didn't end up going to panels and actually help out at tables) but probably all my to tell stories during the weekend.

Read on for my weekend at the vendors!
The must shot whenever you go to Supanova!

The amount of people waiting to get to the vendor hall / guests were massive long already by the time Haruki and I arrived half an hour before the convention started in order to help out at a friend's store. Once we finished set up we went out to get coffee for our boss then we headed off to explore the convention before our lunchtime shift.

Artist alley were filled with usual convention stalls! But there's this one store that caught my attention... Mostly because they weren't selling arts but the novelty/idea!

The said table.

Do they even make the table costs back!? Or was it just one of those other abandoned empty tables so they just sat there and started testing the water!? XD Nevertheless it was very interesting! I think it was Saturday exclusive since I got distracted with the Smash fortune Kuji on Sunday and don't think I saw it again...

The rest of the day we just help out at the store complaining about how unorganise the table was with prints and more importantly, all acrylic stands that were never displayed! lol Managed to sort them out and bundle them all together (We're definitely workaholics... if not just OCD).

Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou
Eren @ Haruki
Mikasa @ Nabari

Here's one back at the table when I finally got my wig on. XD

It was a cool and slightly windy day, so when I didn't have my wig on it was actually cold (I see wigs as my winter gear lol)! Not to mention I was wearing a skirt and short socks. It may have been better to cosplay Armin instead because of the warm doona...

All the restaurant queues were longer than usual! But we needed to eat and have to have an important prop... the Burger!

Here's Eren with the burger! Extra yummy because we were hungry by then. Then I just went off with shooting Eren with my phone... as a Mikasa would to Eren.

It was also Pokemon Community Day, so there were alot of people on the street parallel to the convention. I didn't really participate this time round due to the time restraints, so Bambi helped me to Poke-sit while I went through my lunch. lol He even helped me starred the good ones and caught a shiny! A+ service! XD

Also managed to get one shot done for this cos! Fortunately I have joggers on so I could actually run! Though saying that I did pull a muscle and had to sat down because my legs were frozen.

My failed Naruto run. (We weren't late or anything and it was right after lunch)

After one of the shot that I really wanted to do, we headed back into the vendor hall for more exploring. We came across the lucky dip for enamel pins, and as usual, we started testing our luck.

And it wasn't too bad! Especially seeing what the other girl got just before us was a cheese pizza, so we won't expecting anything with a character on it.
I ended up getting a duplicate the Sunday too. So the colour capsules are really at random.

Arrived an hour after the opening at 11am. lol First I slept in abit, then realised the wig wasn't the wig I used last time but I didn't bother trying to find it last minute, then I forgot my pass. lol

Helped out at various artist friends stores and getting different treatments! XD I think I prefer to have a female boss at conventions! There is a difference in the mix when it comes to indie artists and artist areas! While working at the indie artists section and in line with what an artist friend's comment also was that the indie section is actually more quiet and less traffic! Though I guess you also have to look at it in terms of how close are you to the entrance.

Persona Dancing series
P5D Protag aka Akito @ Nimehime
P5D Ann @ Nurie
P5D Makoto @ Kim
P3D Protag aka Minato @ Nabari

Photo from Bambi!

Since I was roaming around by myself and the day was abit quiet, I tried to stay away from the table abit more. Mostly because people started taking photos of my cosplay, with the prints that doesn't belong to me. No to mention I would not want to be associated with them either. lol With that complicated feelings in mind, when I bumped into other friends I wouldn't help but want to run away from the table! Did you realised to this point of the entry there is still no mention of this table I was helping out at? This proves how embarrassed I was working there. lol My image was ruin too on Saturday whilst bumping into Springroll with her cute little cousin.

I found myself a new persona Toothless!

Idolish 7 Members spreeing captured in action. Tamaki @ Shigatsu, Sogo @Saika, Nagi @ Akimi

Didn't do that much spreeing because I was reserving for Smash spree more. But I chill around with friends and getting them to spree. lol I went back to the enamel pins capsules gacha place with other friends who loves to gameble on gachas. XD I got a duplicate Kirby gameboy enamel pins and friends didn't want to swap. lol I think this is the first time I've ever hold two of the same pins! I also ended up getting the tote bag because they are going to phase out plastic bags at supermarkets effective 1st of July!

Apart from taking friends to spree, I also briefly tour them to get the Smash Kuji!

Apparently they'll do a full fortune reading during Smash! convention at donation (Though I didn't managed to have the time during Smash to do it lol)!

Stay tune for the Smash post...?

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