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Tumblecube Island - Pokemon Quest

Brought to you by the Pokemon Company! It reminds of me of the 3DS version of the Pokemon Rumble World, except cross over with Minecraft where everything turns into blocks! lol Personally I don't mind pixels but to be honest I don't really get the cube hype! XD At least I know they're not just rolling over the premade 3D models! Originally I started playing on iOS so I had a glimpse of what it looks like in English before playing it in Japanese on my mobile!

This could get addictive...!
It's interesting how the app name and the title is actually different on the app store.

The island map actually reminds me of the classic Mario Island! XD

Choose your starter pokemon from Pikachu, Eevee, Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur to befriend with! Build your team of 3 powerful Pokemon and equip them with power stones to boosted status.

Go to battle at various stages and activate skills as required!

Mixing different berries in the pot could lure different types of Pokemon to the base camp. That said, if you really want a Pokemon and you know the mixture for the element then max produce!

* Make sure your team's combined points is close to the location's enemies combine points. Otherwise try to build a more powerful team or simply level up!
* Ensure the Pokemon is facing the enemy when you trigger the skill. I keep missing it when I just tap whenever they've recovered in full. lol Different pokemon also have different skills which allows you to attack single or multiple enemies t one time. Make sure you use them effectively!
* Choose to cook with the learnt recipes to get the Pokemon you want! I recommend trying out different recipe combination before trying to get different Pokemon as the range is dependent on your level / progress.
* Your pokemon will level up and evolve like the normal Pokemon game! So you'll get to the highest ever evolution if you use them long enough! XD

Temporary I find Pokemon with more room to equip added stats to be more favorable than other Pokemon. lol That said, I managed to get a higher level Pokemon so it have more room to equip boost status cubes.

It was quite fun while it lasted, but I have been more focused on the Pokemon GO and the community days because of the Switch version of Pokemon to come...!

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