[Android] Jimina Kare to Watashi no Koto

Kareshi Debut!

Brought to you by SEEC Inc! Although we're familiar with the stories of making over our childhood friend and eventually falling in love with them, but one cannot by pass this one with quality drawings! Reminds me of their other title Anotoki no kotoba wo kikitakure (See my post here) and , that said, we should be familiar with the gameplay and with 4 endings with 14 event CGs, there's bound to be potential endings surprise (Yandere is always a must somewhere, no!?)!

Yes this is a belated post. lol I think it'll be a while before we see anymore Houchi game from them!
There isn't really a cover actually. But you do see this loading screen. XD They do make a cute couple!

Makoto (Name changeable) have been protective of her childhood friend Nao since they were little as he often get bullied. As they grow up, they grew apart and now in their second year of high school, Nao have become Jimi (Plain)! Makoto was nominated to enter the contest for Mr and Mrs Contest with Nao as class A representatives. Being laughed at by classmate Ryouta, Makoto vow to undergo special make over with Nao!

Sub Character


Experience points could be earned by clearing Nao's negative thoughts +1 or Makoto's positive Cheers +2 up to maximum of 8 per screen. I like it how there's slight variation to the gameplay compared to the previous title with Makoto's cheer to force quicker replenishment of bubbles. XD You could play scratch chance for +3 or +30 or Detox Drink +20. Occasionally you'll be asked to watch an short ad to get extra 30 points experience.

Depending on your choice, you will change Nao! I particularly like this scene. This is obviously a confession!

* Play hourly scratchy!
* Share on SNS (Line / Twitter/ Facebook) after each evolution to earn Detox Drink for +20 points!
* Ensure you use items which is collected via sharing or scratchy!
* Watch ad to obtain 30 points!
* Don't forget to play Scratchy for more points/items (replenished every 10 mins up to 5 times).
* Review the quest list to see what could give you bonus points!
* Cheer Nao on, as it's one of the quest! Yep there's no lazy way to get to the endings quicker!

The character seems to have a gender swap. lol If one was to just look at the event CGs and not read the story, would be mistaken to think that Makoto is the real bully. lol It was abit hard to tell with the minor changes with Nao, but when the avatars are placed next to one another in the album it was more clear with the changes.

To be honest the design of the Oujisama looks more like the wild type! Probably because I expect Oujisama type to be wearing white! XD

Typing this up automatically this time because previously someone asked for Watashi no Himo Otoko (See my post here)! In fact, the story does flow like it too!

Nao choose clothing > Wild
Nao choose clothing > Turndown > Oujisama
Nao choose clothing > Comfort > Oresama
Makoto choose clothing > Kawaii
Makoto choose clothing > Apologies > Yandere
Makoto choose clothing > Deny > Ohimesama

theme : Otome Game
genre : Games


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