[iPhone] Koibito Wa Senzoku SP

Motto Keitai Love Simulation~

Played another otome keitai game after learning from Kurako how to install the keyboard for typing Japanese!

This game stuffed up my TinyTower - luckily it works fine after I deleted it - not sure if it has to do with it being a Japanese app (since it took quite sometime to download eventhough it was only 12mb) or just the lack of RAM on the iPhone. I was told by Kurako that you could not buy/download app that is in Japan... because of the region? But nevertheless this game worked (though it stuffed up abit).
Koibito Wa Senzoku SP
koibito sp

Heroine was walking in the city and the large outdoor TV monitor showed a newly announced young prime minister. Heroine thought it had nothing to do with her since she leads a normal life. But she was mistaken. A strange man held a gun at her telling her to keep quiet. Unknowing what the strange man really wants, Heroine struggle and luckily was rescue by a lady named Sora who seems to know her.

As people around them realised there's a gun involved, a fuss was created and so the strange man took off. Not long after that a helicopter came and Sora asked Heroine to go with her. Just when she thought things couldn't get anymore interesting, there were two other men in suit on the helicopter. One who glare at her and one who startled her with Caramel tea.

Without much explanation, they soon arrived to the parliament house. That's when the new president greets Heroine and tells her that she is actually his daughter and it seems that she's now being targeted for this very reason. So to ensure her safety, she'll have to pick out of the guys before her eyes to solely protect her 24/7!

Subaru Ichiyanagi who likes to tease you but acts cool all the time.
Kaiji Akizuki who is your childhood friend who you haven't seen in years.
Mizuki Fujisaki who used to be an popular idol just a year ago.
Sora Hirosue who was cross dressing as the lady you met earlier!

I wasn't expecting too much from it because it wasn't the game that I really wanted to play. But it turned out better! Voltage's Koibito Game series seems so promising as the one I have mentioned in my other post! XD

One thing that I didn't really like was the transition to the next timeframe/stage/location where it blacksout and does not continue until you touch the screen. At first I thought there was something wrong with the file. orz After a while you'll get use to tabing the screen regardless what was happening anyway. lol

One thing I found out with Otome Keitai game is that they allow you to choose particular routes (Because you need to buy each and everyone of them lol).

And YES I FOUND OUT HOW TO SCREEN CAPTURE so here's some pictures!

in game
Doesn't the character designs reminds you of Katekyo Hitman Reborn? (Resemblance of Yamamoto and Dino!? lol)

chara profile
Here's the menu~ XD

EDIT: Official Site (They decided to make one! XD)

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