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Brought to you by Gcrest! Sorry but I had to spoil it in the title! XD This is a spin off app based on the popular title otome puzzle game Yumeoukoku To Nemureru 100 nin no Oujisama (See my post here), you'll have a chance to take a photo with your favourite prince (If you're lucky)!

Read on for my short rant. lol
It looks more like Yume100 Chibi from the cover image...

Choose your Ouji sticker and decorate! Then you could take a photo for keepsake or share on SNS!

Ok, so I guess this is my real intention for this short post! lol I couldn't really believe it, since there is only a total of 12 stickers to use! Not to mention it's 11 princes + the mascot! orz According to Haruki, they were the voted the most popular princes! Not to mention there is not a trace of AR functionality in the app too! On top of that, they're not even the chibi characters on the cover, nor the two 2nd year anniversary pictures have anything to do with those stickers! lol Why this is so misleading, I'm disappointed even though it is a free app?! Honestly, they could have make more incentive for others to share on SNS with bonus coins to unlock more characters... (Plus I want them in Chibi form instead eventhough they're more pixelated when you enlarge them enough lol)

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