[Cosplay] Smash!

@ International Convention Center Sydney!

Held on the 14-15 July 2018! This year was the first year that it have been back to the ICC since ICC was renovated! Held at the upper levels of ICC, hence it was quite different compared to the other conventions I've been to that was held at this place!

The noticeable difference was the open space for the ticketing queues that resembles Comiket in Japan! XD Apart from that everything is finally all together! Well, except for the Maid Cafe but that's just minor details...

I thought I wasn't going to start from the Friday since I didn't get much done on Friday but I guess I have to since I want to mention some of the things that I didn't do... lol
Last minute prepping on extra hand made goods for the convention since I didn't managed to have new prints this year! X'D Seriously, what have I been doing this year. orz

Somehow I never remember Smash! starting this early in the morning. lol Haruki and I arrived around 8 in the morning for the set up. Luckily Haruki collected the tickets on Friday nights, otherwise would have been a very time consuming process since I heard of the stories of the ticketing system were down... I thought having all those ticketing tables in the front plus those extra staffs there would have helped. lol

Titan head... Why wasn't it at Supanova before when we cosplayed Shingeki High!? XD This is probably the most high res photo I have all weekend since I wasn't in an rush. lol

After setting up then Haruki and I tried to get a signature token separately. I know I said I give up on signatures since last year's damage... but I ended up getting it this year. XP When I went to get the token, the girl that have the token was roaming around! I was told to call her on mobile but I left everything at the booth. Luckily two cosplayer came by and asked the same questions. When we finally found the girl, Yonaga Tsubasa's exhibitor signature token were all out! So I ended up getting Okiayu Ryoutarou's signature token regardless. Also picked up the selfie token for Mon. XP The two cosplayers were told that they could start queuing for the normal attendees signature token for Yonaga Tsubasa since the convention just started. While they went to queue, I returned to the table and told Haruki the story. We didn't have time for the queue so we decided to get it on Sunday instead.

Minutes into the opening, there were more attendees walking around than expected. I thought we were at the end of the big hall... I guess being near the guest tokens booth and the Itoen tea station helps? Not long after that I headed off with Bambi to deliver and collect some goodies. First we went to Ry-Spirit's table to drop off the Yokai Watch Blind packet, and Ry's luck was alot better than mine - he got the cute Komasan (I only got Kappa and I was the first to pick RIP)! Then we headed off to Ensof to collect passes... and he had 3 tables!? Although one was dedicated to Persona, but that's alot of tables to managed! I dropped by Animecha briefly and finally collected my keychains that was ordered from a year ago! lol Headed back to the table and started putting them up!

Akane Tsunemori (Psycho Pass) @ Rachel, Minato (Persona 3 Dancing Moonlight) @ Nabari . And yes, I still call Yuki as Minato. The anime adaptation with the name changes in general is kind of annoying - same with Persona 5. lol

Just when we thought we won't die from dehydration, the warm temperature inside actually makes us very dry. lol We also tried the Itoen tea... but to be honest, we prefer other brand of tea. lol And then we have bubble tea, special thanks to Rachel despite I was in the queue with Haruki for Okiayu's singature.

Sudden realisation that I almost forgot about the selfie with Mon so I ran. lol I wasn't as lucky on Sunday since I really forgot.

The rest of the day was just browsing artist alley and realising I missed out on so many sold out Idolish7 merchandises. orz But it was great to see freeplay for Persona 3 -5 dancing game!

I couldn't be bothered to wait until Minato is used so just snap and went. lol

Arrived just when the convention start because I was waiting for my mum. She was meant to go home just around lunchtime as she wasn't feeling well, but she ended up staying for the full day. Not to mention that she woke up heaps earlier than me the next day too. But that's a different day all together.

Here's the morning crowd when the convention started. Great thing with the vendor pass is that you don't have to queue!

Yonaga was ever popular, the token were all out by the time I borrowed a Sunday pass to get a token at 9:50am. I remember to swing by Kaipy's table to get my Trigger charm and showed her my itabag. before I headed back to my table. lol

Himiko Toga (Boku no Hero Academia) @ Yukina, Okazaki Rinto (Idolish7) @ Nabari.

I finally met a twitter friend who we known each other for over a year. lol Although we hardly talk on twitter but I was glad she dropped by because there was no way I would know which one is her without sounding like a creep. XD

Shortly after, long time no Bambi's beauty salon! Banri (Idolish7) @ Hakuri and Anesagi (Idolish7) @ Bambi

I don't remember doing too much on Sunday, probably because I didn't get to sit much as there is only two chairs (Obviously I have to give up mine for my mum). =3= I got my special lunch delivery and also more bubble tea from Helen just before queuing for signature. Thankfully another friend gave up Yonaga's token for Haruki who was desperate for one, so we went together to get his signature just half an hour before the signing session finished. After getting the signature, we were pretty overwhelm with Yonga recgonising our characters from Idolish7! Mind you I was more happy since Okarin isn't very visible within the game too. XD Plus his normal voice sounds so good... It's kind of funny since I was cosplaying revale manager, had Trigger bag on me, and getting Idolish7 member's signature. lol

Here's my two days worth of loot. Not much compare to prior years. lol I've moved on from posters and more focused on books and acrylic charms (For my itabag - and mind you it's based on particular title and character). lol

theme : Cosplay
genre : Anime/Manga


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