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Nanpa Passion

Brought to you by Global Gear! Same gameplay as Furarekaibi (See my post here), and the main character Ore-Kun which you should be familiar with! Except this time round, he doesn't have a girlfriend and he frequently goes and pick up girls in order to get a girlfriend!

Pick up a trick or two from Ore-Kun!
I managed to capture the mains on here!

I'm going to skip the characters this time mostly because there are too many. XD

Choose the options and progress!

You get 5 Ore points to start off with. The Ore points could be use to back track the last option. They will replenish every midnight! So use them wisely!

Up to 12 stages with secret stage 1 (unlocked in stage 3), 2 (unlocked in stage 3) and last secret stage (unlocked upon 85%+ endings view).

* Unlock all ending as you go. lol You'll need 85%+ ending views to unlock the last secret stage for the full story.
* Use the Ore points mostly for ones with options that have different items to be used to get multiple endings quicker.

I like how some stages requires a certain bad end in order to unlock. Such as the tap dancing in stage 8, in order to get to stage 9. I also liked the stage 11! Where all you had to go through all the Kanojo from each stage and you would know exactly who the real route Kanojo is! Mind you, I actually tried to accelerate the stage by messaging her but turns out they need you to do all the bad ends first anyway. Not to mention those secret ends to unlock the secret stage. To be honest, when I saw Hideki at stage 5 I knew that he is part of the secret stages or the official route. lol

I actually think Hideki is quite cool in this event CG. lol

It was nice to see the father and mother again in the sequel too! XD I was hoping the real Kanojo was the one in the first game Furarekaibi, though it's only promoted as the sister app. =3= Otherwise it is very sweet ending (I love that they do emphasis that you need to really take note of Kanjo) and that you got to hate Ore kun for not sticking with the girl friend until the end as always. XD


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