[Android] Dokkiri Kamikaihi 3

More surprises super dodges!

Brought to you by Global Gear! (Can't believe I'm posting two game of theirs in a row haha) Sequel to the original Dokkiri Kamikaihi which I posted about previously (See my post here and second one here)! So I wasn't overly surprised with the third game!

Read on for short post (and short game)!
Life of Protag and the disturbing mystic creatures are featured in the sequel game icon and line stickers! lol

Avoid all the surprised that's hidden into your every day activities! Save protag from the danger of surprises yet again!

Tap on objects to trigger action for picking up/using!

Protag is pretty worrying even in the smallest thing. Admit it, we all play this because we want to protect this precious one! lol

As usual this one consist of 31 (30 stages + 1 bonus credit stage) days!

* Tap on everything possible to collect items. Only 5 could be held at any one time.
* Not all items are useful, however, they could be used to unlock all the bad ends as well!
* There are different ways to use items...!
* You could always use hint and up to maximum of 3 hints could be given at any stage after viewing an short ad.

This post is really just to tell you that the latest sequel of the game is out! And I was able to rush through the game pretty quickly since I got the hang of the logic from the first and second game. XD I did take abit longer from a few stages such as 6 (Those mystic creatures always gets on my nerves), 19 (Who knew that we eat all these strong and sun proof artificial colours!) and 31 (I only realised when reading through the hints that you need to closely miss by a hair to help accelerate)! The only other memory I have with this one is that I'm simply amazed with how protag is always wearing his slippers everywhere. The little brother is still cute as ever. But if I haven't made myself clear in the second game, I miss the mother!!! lol


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