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My play history of Maple Story Mobile!

Brought to you by Nexon company! Haven't been playing MMORPG for quite some years since the nights where I stay up late nights for double EXP grinding with my cousin with the slow internet or the party events! Alerted to me with the Mapleize Me Challenge on dA by Ry and then heavily on ads! lol I wasn't as involved with Ragnarok Online but MapleStory back then, so I guess I've always liked MapleStory style more? I've gain so many friends but drifted and stopped... I knew there was a mobile version (Didn't know about Maple Story 2 though? lol) but my otome gaming have taken a priority. I did however free up some space on my mobile for it... big sacrifice. lol

Read on for my thoughts on the mobile version of the game whilst comparing to my gaming history of Maple Story on PC!
I miss all these these wonderful creatures (and their materials drop)!

You're first introduce to the Forest of Endurance during the long download duration.

It was said that you will earn extra reward by finishing the quest, though I play through it twice and because of the patch didn't finish due to the lack of space. lol When I did managed to free up even more space my records were lost! Talk about mobile devices with minimum storage!

My main account have always been Cleric, follow by Mage and a SuperNoob (Leaving the beginner island without choosing an class/occupation) account. XD (Slightly sad that I couldn't see my characters on their server anymore) Hence I could say this is what I'm mostly to be... Bishop! I was pretty glad I was able to call my first character Nabari again! Feels somewhat nostalgic! XD

Not the same hair style compared to the days as a noob. lol

I must say I was reading the story at first, but ended up auto piloting it for hours and hours and now I'm at level 65...!? So much easier compared to the computer version!

Battle mode!

I miss those party games where people used to just loiter and chat! XD Though I must say I'm pretty happy with the announcement of the collaboration events they have with anime! Namely Card Captor Sakura! Love the fact that they include the Clear card into the title. Not stale content! lol

It was also interesting to see how you could have alternative looks for other users to see. We used to just change the outfit to pretend to be a Noob (novice). lol

That aside, I spend more time selling rare equipment. I was abit sad that I wasn't able to keep my rare equipment for other class for another character, feels like a waste when I sell most equipment are minimum prices. orz

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