[Android] Townhouse Terrace mitai na renai shitemiru?

Love without scripts

Brought to you by Jun Saotome! Based on the popular TV program Terrace House Boys × Girls Next Door!

Choose between romance or views!
They should probably call it Share House... or Beach House... somehow the title and the image just doesn't fit. lol

Satou Shun is your average University student without any unique traits. But from today onwards, he will be living together with 7 other people in the environment for a month in a popular live broadcast TV program called Townhouse. With such a sweet situation provided to you by the TV producer Kubota, would you choose romance or views? Your future will be depending on your options!

Matsuki Saaya
Shiraiwa Mayu
Hayashi Sumire
Andouu Kobayashi
Aoizumi Haru
Arkansas Karin

Strategy for this game!

Generally visual novel style, upon choosing the options, you could see hearts which will increase the romance with the character or the SNS viewer's reaction which will help achieve the view rate gauge! Deepen your relationship with the housemates and reach the multi endings. There are Happy, normal and bad endings!

The SNS part where you rapidly tap to non stop to tweet.

Tweet to increase followers until the program is finished! Changes doesn't just apply to the location for each stage, but also the status and display picture of our protag!

Love the little details they put to the tweets! They're all different. It could take ages to play if you were to read them all before twitting (tapping) again. Make sure you tap on the mini character which will take you to the quiz. If you get the answer correct, you'll earn some coins to assist you to either add your fellow celebrities to follow, or alternatively, use them to buy items (e.g. Boost) to help finish the story sooner! Keep an eye out for Kubota as you have a chance to get the free fever item!

* Login daily to get bonus!
* Use coins to increase permanent popularity and follows come after.
* Remember the right or wrong answers to questions! They do repeat!

I wish there was a auto play function for the ADV part! orz Skip is not activated until first run of the game is completed! Would be nice if they allow us to tap any where on the screen to increase followers (My fingers are too fat to try to finish the gauge quickly with two fingers). Since you only need to play through one round of the tweets, I would recommend using the fever to progress with the story prior to unlocking the other 7 famous celebrity your followers!

I swayed quite abit with the routes since I forgot some of the characters name. lol Mind you, the guys were easier to remember since they appear more frequently than the girls! Apart from that the main route should be Mayurin looking from the icon, but anything is possible in this game since there's a twist in the end...!


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