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Brought to you by Hunex! This one actually reminds me of the old app called Smartphone Kareshi (See my post here) by d3 Publisher! It's not longer on the app store since they decided that one app with everything wasn't as worthwhile as having one app per story! Back in my early days of Otome gaming on mobile!

Play it while it last...
Simple Cover! But I guess it's better that way since it's a mixture of different titles and styles.

Visual novel requires one key per chapter. One Ruby is earned upon each key is used (after first read of the story). You'll be given 10 keys, 20 rubies and 100 gold upon game download.

Line 3+ of the same item to make them disappear. Ensure to use the items that are on the screen to clear!

Include one mini game to earn coins to read on the story! The mini game is subject to viewing a short ad before you could play too! You could get an average of 130 gold per game! The gold is used to buy story key or buy Ruby to unlock alternative option. There's also Jackpot time, which is activate when the gauge is full. When activated, you could get more gold! Though I never got around to continuously play the mini game to trigger it. So you either need to play alot or pay alot. lol

* Replay actually cost one key too? So make it worth and don't re-read!!
* Use up all your first 10 keys! Keys are then replenished every two hours, but you only retain two after.
* Play with two different devices for the different story... That's what I did.
* Clear the required items for the mini game. If you don't clear them within the moves provided you lose the game and won't get any coins. Try to clear things from the bottom up, that way you get more combo.

On the Q.T.

You're a member of the female group Lu-ce of 8, Unsure where you're at, you started to shadowing yourself when the group's focuses more on group dancing, rather than making use of your good singing. There at the Music City show, you learn of the top idol group Un:Finish who only debuted after a year but have been hugely successful. Blown away from Un:Finish's performance you went out for the walk...


Sub Characters

Secret crush Kataomoi

Your little twin sister Karen is pretty attached to you despite both of you have the total opposite personality. She is used to being protected since she have been frail since birth. So your plan to leave your confession letter was delayed because you didn't head out early whilst waiting for your sister to be ready. After putting your confession letter into the shoe box, you went to wait at the said location for the response...

Masaki Kirigaya
Kotaro Kurumi
Soshi Kujo
Reo Takatsuki

I've decided to play on two devices like I did years ago, also set up with different languages to see what's the difference is like - particularly with translation! But looks decent along with the decent drawings too which isn't surprising, since even the app title was in English! Looks like it's for the intended market - overseas!!

The down side is that the story is pretty linear to be honest. There is only one personality shown through any of the answers I choose! Though there's only two to three options. lol Not to mention that I get kicked out every now and then before the chapter finishes. Luckily they note that you stopped in between and would allow you to continue where you dropped off.

My favourite story so far (There are only two at the moment lol) is On the Q.T. While Hibiki is supposed to be the main route (from the app icon) and Keima is supposed to be the popular one though they hardly interact with the heroine so I went with Akatsuki who at least have spoken to her! Interestingly the forth member wasn't an option!? But he doesn't seem like a secret route due to the way he responded to heroine either. Some part of the story I find not logical include inviting Akatsuki into home to eat donuts was supposed to be a better option than giving him the donuts with cute picture bag to take away!? What kind of logic is this!? I guess it's required for the romance part to happen sooner than later. lol

I wasn't overly interested in Secret crush Kataomoi. The characters didn't catch my attention much, like Reo surely doesn't look like someone from tennis club... but I started playing it as well. I did like it how you won't be sure which route you have chosen since they don't tell you which character is most likely to be chilling at various location at the school. Just go with your instinct where it's the best place to confess I guess!

Since they're continually adding story (Looks like Ephemeral too?), I guess they will eventually add more different games.

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genre : Games


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Re: Tornid

The translation doesn't have any typo, names of the characters are in proper romajis, but it's probably more colloquial? XD I did with with my non main account before, you could change language settings at any one time, but it'll ask you to put in your name again when the language option change (How thoughtful of them! XD) and then you could continue on with your chapter! If you're unsure you could always go back to the main screen / close the app and change the language and "re-read" the half chapter again without any extra key required!

And yes, with the different device too you could choose the same story but different routes! XD

Thanks for dropping by! :D

No title

How good was the translation?? I promised myself not to read it until the Spanish one comes out but it's taking so damn long. I might as well read the English one until it's released. Oh, and totally going to follow your advice and use different devices for each story. Thanks for the tip!


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