[iPhone] MazM: Jekyll and Hyde

Hyde and Seek!

Brought to you by Growing Seeds Corporation! Based on Robert Louis Stevenson's 1886 mystery novel ‘Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’. I never read the novel, but what caught my attention was the unique drawing style so I was relatively surprised to see that the game was actually developed in Korean originally (I would say the English translation was decent too)!

More importantly, you could play to the end for free and without ads!

Looking at this picture makes me feel cold. XD

Set in London in the late 19th century. Whilst Gabriel Utterson went for a stroll with Mr. Enfield, they came across damaged properties . Mr Enfield mentioned he witnessed a horrible incident where a young girl was trampled by a man early in the morning. The man gave a cheque as compensation and disappeared off the back alley. The cheque was signed in the name of an wealthy man and does not seems to be forged. As Mr Utterson inquire into the incident, it reminded him of an old acquaintance by the name of Hyde...


Tap to find clues and solve puzzles!

* Earn your 150 worth of free coins by visiting their website, facebook, youtube, twitter, instagram you name it they have it all! lol
* Don't spend your coins on unlocking hints or CGs, since you could access them somewhere on the internet. lol
* Spend your coins on unlocking more cases! Wait, it's actually not enough...

What I thought - Touch Detective (It's the drawings!) x Professor Layton (Because of the Tea time!!!) x Ace Attorney (Just because the main character is a lawyer! lol) The story was quite linear as you solve puzzle one after another. Although some puzzle I didn't find overly straight forward and was more trial and error, but otherwise it was good enough to get you wanting to read on! The timeline is an interesting add, but also make me feels like I'm missing something important when there's some mini cases that happened in between.

Although the game could be finished without payment, but you get blurry censored event CGs that could only be unlocked through ingame currency!

Most time I see these blurry CGs I couldn't help but laugh because I just though the CGs are so gruesome that they had to censor it for me. lol

The downside for me was that it's so difficult to talk to the characters on the map! I find myself circling the characters most time instead of talking to them. Also I find it weird for some locations I would have to exit from the door and other times I don't need to? XD But otherwise it was interesting to see that MazM is a project that reinterprets well-known stories into games, and this one is their second title! Their first title was called Yellow Bricks which is based on Wizard of Oz, however the English translated version was never on the app store. =w= But having said that, we could stay tune for more to come?!

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