[Cosplay] Recruitment for Maniwani 2012

lol I figured it’s time to post a recruitment for Maniwa Ningun (Maniwani for short) from Katanagatari after I’ve exhausted my networks.

Reference picture spams below!
References from the Katanagatari Anime visual art book!

Beast group

Bird group

Fish group

Insect group

We’re targeting people who lives in Sydney and/or those who are able to travel to Sydney during convention period for a huge Katanagatari group photoshoot! (2 of the 10 members are located in Melbourne at the moment!) We’re not concern about gender since we have a mix already and our goal is to collect 12!!! >w<

I’m really just recruiting the last 2 members from Maniwani group of 12 people! :D Kawauso (Brown one) from the Beast group and Kuizame (Black one) from the fish group! Once we have everyone we’ll set a date sometime in 2012 for a massive outdoor photoshoot! <3

But of course, I welcome all other Katanagatari characters! (The swordsman are awesome too!!! XD) We also have Togame, Shichika, Hiteihime, Emonzaemon and Nanami!

More about the characters

Official Anime website

Some of our Katanagatari photos:
Post 1
Post 2

Feel free to ask any questions regarding materials/making of the abits and pieces if they’re of concern – all over costumes are pretty much the same anyway! I look forward to comments! :D

theme : Cosplay
genre : Anime/Manga


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Re: Ayuvi

lol You got me excited when I saw the comment this journal! XD

But I'll await for your JBF upload on DA. :D

No title

NABARI I accidently deleted your comment. I keep thinking the button underneath is "reply" and not "delete" :'(

In response to your comment, you can't see it but the wig doesn't look so great (used about 15 bobby pins just to make it look flat). I will upload pictures when we do another JBF shoot though! Sorry >_<

I have uploaded one picture on DA though but that's all I'm gonna upload haha~


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