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Brought to you by Commseed Corporation! This gameplay is similar to Hana Yori Chef (Otome restaurant game), except, this is not an otome game (as much as I ship some characters in this haha) and that there are more people playing this one! XD

This have become my recent addiction since the announcement of the 5 years running Otome restaurant game - Tokimeki Restaurant (See my post here) to be closed end of August 2018 (All my time and effort)...

On the bright side, I have more time to do other things! Such as posting this post. lol
I'm surprised that the heroine isn't on the cover!

Upon arriving back to the town you notice something is missing. You had the feeling that you want to be a owner of a burger house here at this town! First off, start from having your very own farm with the freshest ingredient and turn the restaurant into a great Burger fast food chain...!

Here's our Heroine!

Getting materials through farming!

Place the resource fields onto the farm and wait until there are things to harvest! Tap to harvest. You could harvest whenever there are something to harvest!

Once you have gather all your ingredients into your warehouse, tap on the machine and start cooking in your restaurant! Once they're finish you need to tap to put them onto the selling counters to be sold or served at tables.

My little restaurant! It's less spacious now when it comes to being more efficient... lol

You could help a friend out on their farm and within the restaurant!

* Make sure you set a password. I learn it the hard way with my other restaurant games where I had to start all over when I lost my account.
* Login daily!
* Do all the quests!
* Make sure you visit Aiba Himari regularly for the free hearts and Ruby (gem)!
* Visit your friend's to help out. Check the quest list for things to do first, otherwise help out at the machine that gives the most coins within their restaurant! XD
* Lock the restaurant tasks to become friends only for your friends to earn more!
* Don't forget to level up your staffs to be more efficient!
* Join and participate in the monthly events!
* Don't forget to spurge tickets on special gacha for great items for your farm to build more resources!

I've stopped this one for abit now because of their latest update that wasn't compatible with my current device (Boooo!). But otherwise my true thought is that instead of Burger, I prefer Fried Chicken. lol

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