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Cafe story Otome Style!

Brought to you by NokNok Co. Ltd! As mentioned previously, since Tokires will be terminating their service later this month (Despite I'm in my second round of all the gameplay with the new account for 2 years orz), so apart from I love Burger restaurant (See my post here) that I recently stopped playing due to my iPad being too old (And my mobile don't have enough space! ), I'm finally more committed to writing about this restaurant that I've been playing for a quite a while! lol
Now, not that you see our beloved heroine everyday in other games! And this isn't all the staffs...!

Your parents only spoil your younger brother to the extent that you have become invisible like. In the end, your brother is studying abroad so they went overseas and left you behind with the restaurant. It seems like you are to run this restaurant now with your childhood friend Ryuusei. Without realising it you seems to be surrounded by Ikemen chefs...?

What stopped me from posting this from ages ago was their names. orz

Konzaki Ryuusei
Midorikawa Maki
Akaba Kenji
Charles dex Mesutoroya
Kioka Shunya

With simple touch to cook, clean, arrange and decorate the restaurant to become the world's number one restaurant!

Stock up grocery first by tapping onto the fridge and order. Good thing is that the groceries are shared between all recipes to serve customers! Collect your order when it's delivered to your fridge! XD

Pick the recipe and cook! Aim to tap when the blue marker hits the red mark to successfully cook the dishes! You only need to do this for 5 dishes per day. The rest will be instant! Phew!

Level up to unlock new recipes ranges of global cuisine from Japanese, American, Chinese, Germany, French, Italian.
Unlock extra recipes by collecting ingredients from clean ups! Not limited to your own restaurant too (Clean your friend's too, but you need to find 5 things to clean up at each restaurant in order to get materials)! Don't forget to tap on the exclamation marks on the characters even outside the restaurant too! XD

Answer the short questions from time to time to earn experience points (When it comes from customers) or love meter (When it comes from the chefs)!

To be honest I think there are too many mini quests (Both story, events and daily) which become abit confusing. @.@ I lost track of when it's the main quests long time back. haha The food ranges are definitely better looking than that of Tokires... maybe because the pictures are bigger? XD Apart from that I stopped because it was getting harder to unlock recipes because of the lack of coins! orz

Though I like it how you can have a lot of friends! XD Mostly because you get to do something are your friend's restaurant such as cleaning up (Except sometimes where the friend's restaurant is too clatters, it's hard to find the last block of mess!) and working part time (Benefits are mutual too!), to go collect more hearts for expansions and upgrade.

Interestingly, despite how long ago since the app was released on iOS, the game is still available for download!? Just saying because it costs the app to be put in the store each year! XD Although saying that the last update was back in late last year so play it before it disappear...!

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