[Android] Yakou Ressha Bousousuru Resshakara no dasshutsu

Night Train Escape from a runaway train

Brought to you by Actkey Co Ltd aka Asobigokoro! It's been a while since I last visit their apps, but now that I looked at it, I never got around to writing one up. Probably because they generally don't have much of a story, plus I particularly like this one because of the artwork! XD So here's a quick one!

Keeping this short and snappy since it's so short despite they split it into 7 chapters!
The title reminds me of Murder on the orient express! Except... alot less characters.

You are a famous detective who is known to have contributed to various arrests. Tonight you are on the train heading into London, just when the lights went out due to a loud explosion, you lost Kaitou Rogobia Soko and the cabin door is locked!? Before you was a letter from the Kaitou who claim to have set up various puzzles on the train as a challenge to you, but if you couldn't solve them all, the train will fall into the canyon on the bridge that is still in construction...?!

Tap on suspicious areas to collect items. Tap on the item and use them to solve puzzles! Two items maybe use on each other.

Will you be able to escape!?

Some of the answers are straight forward once you know the theme of the answers they're going for. others with abit lack of indicator. I was shocked after viewing the ad, there was still no answer! orz Thankfully someone did a walk through with all the puzzles!

Spoiler alert!
The last stage was the hardest due to the time limit. I was down to the last 20 seconds only to realise that I was missing a gear that was hidden in the furthest location! XD Mind you, the overly moving between each location (Rooms) wasn't the greatest in this one. I though imagine tapping the doors would get me to those specific locations but nope, only via the left or right arrows!

Not to mention that the train conductor end up being the Kaitou himself! Some what unexpected but at the same time pretty predictable when he's so calm about it. He probably did it as a time killer since it's so boring on the train! lol
Spoiler ends!

Did you know if you unjumble the name Rogobia Soko, it becomes the company name Asobigokoro!?

I do enjoy the cliff hangar in the end. Perhaps we could look out for a sequel!? Because honestly, this one was too short! XD I would imagine this one to be a more full length series!


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