[Android] Love Escape Tsuioku he no Tobira

Love (triangle) x Escape (Room)!

Brought to you by Bitworks Japan! I've only ever downloaded their Pocket Drama CD app previously, so I was relatively surprised that they merge the escape room game with the otome game gameplay with daily story tickets! Not to mention the theme is Love triangle! XD

With character beautifully designed and illustrated by Rera, who have worked on Hakuouki titles previously!
Other potential routes to be released...? XD

You and your sister were traveling back to your hometown by bus for your 20th birthday. But there were problem during the journey with 8 other passengers on board. The next minute you woke up with 2 other passenger in a unknown locked room forced to participate in this escape room game. You were glad to have made contact with your sister who seems to be locked away with other passengers too. In order to get back to where you were, you need to work together and escape!

The routes varies between which sister you choose (I believe anyway haha)! Not to mention some characters are still unknown to us even though they have appeared initially - psst their names are on the official website. lol I put the sheep in too but they're not playable routes (Sorry to disappoint if you're the ones that loves playing the secret routes)! XD

Younger sister routes
Kurosaki Natsuki
Miura Haruka

Older sister routes
Kaga Chiaki
Sakura Toi

Unlike your normal escape room game, this one is less hands on and more just answer the question correctly base on the options provided in novel style! You get 5 free story ticket daily (Replenish at 4am each day)!

I wonder if this is really the culprit... or if there will be a twist!?

* Play daily!
* Get extra story ticket by watching a short vid once per day!
* Roll all those gacha! I don't see much point in retaining them and rather spurge them to aid your every success in taking out other players online! XD

The two mascots sheeps - Kokuyou and Hakuyou -reminds me of Mokona from Clamp's works! lol Since they could communicate remotely too! I was slightly disappointed not all the characters are trapped together. I got my hopes up and expect to have 4 in each route. lol They do appear as you progress with the story, but you know upon selection that it is only two potential characters per route.

I choose the younger sister route and I got caught out when I was asked to answer the puzzle. lol But it was easy enough since they repeat the clues again before you were asked to choose the answer! In reality, my friends and I would have tried all the combinations, if it didn't worked out the first time. lol I guess the lack of visuals of the puzzles kind of defeats the purpose of the escape room theme... I felt as though I was doing a quiz rather. I think the avatar was abit redundant... they should have just default your character when you choose the different sister / routes!

Can't wait to finish and find out (more, I mean we know what he looks like but just didn't know why he's doing it lol) about the real culprit! Perhaps in the end, they're all their potential husband candidates forced to develop some chemistry through teamwork!? XD

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theme : Otome Game
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