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BanG Dream!

Brought to you by Bushiroad International x Craft Egg, Inc! Started out as a manga series and had an anime last year apparently! Though the hype didn't kick in until I've been introduced to them during Singapore AFA last year and namely because of their first concert that I see so many people talked about. XD Well, those collaborations generally does make people want to try it out. For me it was more for Persona series and now Vocaloid too!

There's alot of 2.5D movements compared to the female oriented idol boys games! XD Not to mentioned it's fully voiced too!

This one is a lengthy one! Read on if you couldn't sleep!
All the mains of the units!

You started working at the live house that along side with Marina who is your senior. There you learn about events that the owner used to run for supporting girls band. Just as you were told that they are going to restart the event, Kasumi dash in with a guitar, follow by other members of a high school band called Poppin'Party who would like to participate in the event along with other high school girls bands...

Poppin' Party
Toyama Kasumi (CV: Terakawa Aimi)
Hanazono Tae CV: Ootsuka Sae)
Ushigome Rimi (CV: Nishimoto Rimi)
Yamabuki Saya (CV: Oohashi Ayaka)
Ichigaya Arisa (CV: Itou Ayasa)

Mitake Ran (CV: Sakura Ayane)
Aoba Moca (CV: Misawa Sachika)
Udagawa Tomoe (CV: Hikasa Youko)
Uehara Himari (CV: Katou Emiri)
Hazawa Tsugumi (CV: Kanemoto Hisako)

Pastel Palettes
Maruyama Aya (CV: Maeshima Ami)
Hikawa Hina (CV: Ozawa Ari)
Shirasagi Chisato (CV: Uesaka Sumire)
YamatoMaya (CV: Nakagami Ikumi)
Wakamiya Eve (CV: Hata Sawako)

Minato Yukina (CV: Aiba Aina)
Hikawa Saya (CV: Kudou Haruka)
Imai Lisa (CV: Endou Yurika)
Udagawa Ako (CV: Sakuragawa Megu)
Shirokane Rinko (CV: Akesaka Satomi)

Hello Happy World!
Tsurumaki Kokoro (CV: Itou Miku)
Seta Kaoru (CV: Tadokoro Azusa)
Matsubara Kanon (CV: Toyota Moe)
Kitazawa Hagumi (CV: Yoshida Yuri)
Okusawa Misaki (CV: Kurosawa Tomoyo)

Up to 7 bars or buttons to be tap according to the rhythm to receive score.

Try to maintain your combo to trigger member's skill and get high scores! The higher your score, the more likely you will receive rewards like practice tickets or gems to use for training the character cards.

Perform Live through Free Live (Choose your songs) or Multi Live (Team up with other players in a special room) with live blist! Rooms ranges from Anyone, Regular (Minimum 70,000 Band Power), Veteran (Minimum 120,000 Band Power) and Master (Minimum 180,000 Band Power). Once you have enough player in a room you get to vote for a song and difficulty, then the group could start the performance. Replenished 1 flame blist every 30 minutes.

Level up your card through practice with tickets! Tickets ranges from Single, Double, Triple and Premium. Each card belong to one of the four attributes and are used for Event bonuses if you use a certain type and specific shards of the attribute are required to Train your members.

Change costumes of the characters during the Chibis live. I wish they could automatically change to the ones that you have of the card you have on your team! New costume is only unlocked with 3+ star ratings. So far I still haven't got any 4 stars cards... orz


The story modes are Main Story (Overall, unlocked by leveling up and unlocks locations), Band Story (Unit story, unlocked by tapping on to the chibi characters on the map), and the Event Story (Special story). You'll be happy to know that they are all fully voiced!


* Friend ID: 94261302! Not that I could be very helpful but I guess we could try to team as band! XP But so far I enjoy playing alone. lol
* If you misses continuously tou will fail the performance. So make sure you are at the right level of difficulties.
* You could quit the performance before you fail, that way you don't lose the Live Points!
* Make sure you're well trained for the Multi Live before you team up with the others! orz
* Save up for 10 roll scouts (2500 Stars)! That way you're at least guarantee to get one SR+ cards...
* Don't forget to tap the left corner icon to move between locations and tap on the characters! By doing this you have a chance to unlock band stories!
* Don't forget to unlock card episode to increase card status!
* Only 1 decorations purchased from shops could be displayed at any one time. Choose the right item according to the team or just get item with overall!
* I max out the live blist setting to 3 so I get 7 times more experience!

K-on! x Love Live anyone? I do like their eyes, pretty captivating and shiny. XD The gameplay resembles Show by Rock! aka SB69! which the play screen looks like guitar strings! If you consider the voiced component too then perhaps it's closer to Band Yarouze (See my post here, though the service finished already)!

So far, my favourite unit Poppin' Party and Hello Happy World! And this isn't to do with any seiyuus but more the genre of songs that is available for them. They weren't particularly generous with 4 stars cards... I only managed to have 3 stars with all my 10 cards rolls. But I was surprising to see that after one tutorial game, it already made me accelerated to level 3!?

I do get kicked out from time to time for this one, but it wasn't as bad as SB69 which is one reason why I stopped! The other reason was the hard difficulty that prevents me from progressing further!

That aside, I'm pretty surprised with the amount of songs available!!! Especially when it's a free game app! Not to mention all the collaborations! Regardless, I know I will be playing this one for quite a while!

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