[Android] Lost Memoria Haikan kara no Dasshutsu

Midnight Stroll

Brought to you by Web Hakushu but released by Metcats! I believe I have played their previous title Koi no Hajimari!? Kare no Henji wa Mada? before, however... I seem to not have posted anything on it (Typical)! XD The ad itself could be seen throughout the gameplay hence I had to mention it! (Good promotion I guess!?)

Not expecting much since it's a escape room game!
This reminds me of an otome game title...

In order to proof that she have successfully accomplish the dare, Marie went into an abandon building to retrieve a doll in the middle of the night. As she enter the building which she thought no one resides in since the fire incident, she was greeted by a butler Leonard...

Would you believe your fateful encounter with an Ikemen to be at a run down place like this!?


As with most escape games, tab on suspicious area to find hidden items, tab on item to use and combine with other items!

There are two endings!

* Find the hidden hint coins! Up to three to be found and the rest through watching a short ad!
* Use hint coins when you're stuck! But remember where you're up to in order to find the right hint to unlock!
* I recommend using the hint coin particularly for the second play since that's how you get to the true end!

It is a relatively short one plus the story is abit cliche. lol The hint system was not as clear as the other escape room games I unlock some hints and realised I've done some of them before. Haha Not to mention every hint cost a few coins. Maybe it's just me with getting items here and there I felt I lost the order of things some how. Particularly, I got stuck trying to find the fabric! lol It was not bleeding obvious! I did like how there were CGs for the game! Though they included the cover as one of the CG... I felt like I've been lied to if I was to say there are 4 CGs in total. XD One thing I didn't like, was it requires internet access! lol

The shortness of the game reminds me of Yakou Ressha Bousousuru Resshakara no dasshutsu (See my post here), though I think it is harder to see a sequel to this one with the ending they made. To be honest, the good end and the true end doesn't quite correspond with one another... and probably felt like an extended end.

I'll let you play to find out the story. XD


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