[Android] Akazukin ni Ki wo tsukete

Red Riding Hood x Romance!

Brought to you by SEEC Inc! The continuation of the classic Red riding Hood story... featuring the decedent of the wolves wanting to revenge! I realised I missed this one during change over to the using an Android phone since my old iPhone was abit old! That said, the PR in the latest game Jimina Kare to Watashi no Koto (See my post here) worked even if it's hidden away in the avatar album at the very bottom (Hati is cute)! XD
I think they could have done so much better with Hati on the cover!

Red riding hood was eaten by the big bad wolf who lied. And the hunter rescued Red riding hood and since then married. Whose at fault? Is it the wolf or is it the Red riding hood...?

To be honest there's not much harm with these shouta villagers...

Tap to scare away the villagers that are gathered on screen as time passes and pick up the power stones that are dropped behind by the villagers to level up and progress with the story. It takes 1 minute full all the villagers to be reappear (replenished).

Interestingly, somehow there isn't any sharing on Line app...

On the top right hand corner there is the flower fortune mini scratchy game to aid earning of the experience points. Flower recovers every 10 minutes with a maximum of 5 rounds, with 6 options to choose from and the results are all via luck. The reward range from 1 power crystal, 10 power crystals, jam or breadroll.

To be honest I didn't think the breadroll works that well, since by the time you removed the enemies, you wouldn't need to wait long for the next wave.

There are 4 different endings ranges from Happy End, Sad End, Bad End and Normal End. Upon unlocking all the ending, you get a bonus story.

* Collect rewards from missions! Where there's a ! in the mission button, it means there are rewards awaiting to be collected!
* Tap on the timer to reduce the count by 10 seconds.
* Play scratchy that replenish hourly to speed up the process if you're not the type to tap regularly.

Gameplay is similar to their previous title Gorilla Kareshi (See my post here), where Hati have to scare away the villagers. The happy end and the normal end feels like the true ends for each route, whereas the other ones are just distorted and make you feel the lost of trust. lol

She speaks my mind!

It's worthwhile playing just to see the ships two ships! My favourite route is Rulphs the minute he showed up! XD


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