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Despair Game

Brought to you by f.developer! Not to be confused with the Vocaloid song of the same title or the death games developed by other companies! But to be honest, that's what draws me to it in the first place anyway out of all the other escape room games! The gameplay is relatively fresh to me, but does gets boring after a while...

Gamble your life away!
How many will survive? That's a really good question!

Since resigned from work 3 months ago, Iida Yuusuke is now a NEET and unemployed. Whilst on his way to try out the new slot machine, he was attacked from behind and lost conscious on the street. When he woke up he was locked away with 9 other people who have strange devices attached on them. Confused with the situation, the Game Master announced the start of the "Despair Game", where they compete to win the most medals while the one with the least will be executed each round. In order to safely escape, they would also have to work out their common point which they choose to hidden from the others. Not to mention the survivor will get 100 million yen...

Iida (Unemployed)
Suzuki (Old man)
Takanashi Yumi (Gal)
Kanda (Gamer)
Akira (Host)
Nishimura (Idol)
Itouen (Toudai)
Hanazono (Teacher)
Sakaki (House wife)
Wakarin (Yankee)

The players are lights out as they loses the game...

Earn the medals through the slot machine, they're automatically moved to the box. Tap to increase your medals which is discplayed as a graph for status and rankings. From time to time you need to replenish the slot turn. This is done through watching a short ad and it's compulsory! X'D

Once the group reach the required amount of medals in the top medal bar, the story continues with executions and release of various characters information.

* Watch ad to replenish the Slot turn meter!
* Beware of 3 skulls. Watch ad to save yourself from losing all the earned money! Note, you don't have to watch the ad if you have no money to lose! ;D
* Aim to get 3 sevens! Though it works randomly anyway.
* Trigger fever time!

I fell asleep waiting for the short ad. Well, it was late at night so please forgive me. Not to mention the slot machine mini game was quite relaxing, probably because there's not much wait time. lol I think the greatest thing with the slot machines is that you don't need funds to commence farming medals! lol The ad I must say, took the longest. This game took me 3 nights to play. Probably 5 hours max? Mostly due to the ads. Not to mention sometimes they make you watch the ad twice consecutively! orz

First thought the general story flow are similar to Ookami Game (See my post here) and Usotsuki Game (See my post here), though the gameplay is less exciting since you don't get to move around looking for items and hints, but just group slot medal farming. lol As usual, you will get the vibe of Dangan Ronpa from the various deaths, but they're not as well illustrated compared to the mentioned games.

Spoiler alert!
It was obvious from the first few deaths that their common point was slot machine (gamble) addiction!? Not to mentioned how skilled they are in getting medals without training?! lol I must say the ending does make me think abit more and understand why others said it reminds them of Saw in the review of the game app! I think the cover would have been better with mascot mask, just for their sequel... not sure how likely that would happen though... guess we'll have to wait until they gather new cast that needs to be punished for mind change! Perhaps like the mentioned movie, Iida will become the helper of the game master...?!
Spoiler ends

Looking up the company, I realise they have another game called Saiaku no Himitsu which I might try it out, since it had a better rating than this one. lol


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