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@ Manly Library

Another year of the Manly Zine Fair which was on the Saturday 22/09/2018! This marks our second time tabling at Manly since last year (See my post here) and this time we were a table of 4 artists, although only 3 of us were there on the day! We arrived late due to missing the exit on the high way (It's good to be safe anyway)... lol Nevertheless, the co-ordinator David was helpful as always!

Below is a short update on the fair!

As usual, as this one forms part of the Manly Arts Festival, there was markets which lead to the library too. There were approximately the same number of tables as last year, though I felt that there was probably more because it felt more cramped than last year! XD Though saying that, we did get VIP chairs that are the same as the ones for the on stage music performance! XD I guess that was one thing great about being late?!.

It was said to be hot so we were abit worried when we were replaced on the side without a shade, however we all enjoyed the nice bit of sun and wind! Not to mention it was Pokemon Go Community Day for Shiny Chikorita in the last hour of the Zine Fair, so I headed off for abit of a stroll, however to no success of a shiny Chikorita. Though I managed to catch 3 when we were stuck in the traffic back! Had a blast since the day followed by a surprise 30 minutes of Gen 8 Pokemon Teaser Nutto, which when caught turns into Ditto! ... Back to the Zine Fair.

Flyer that was inside the Library.

Cute little 1 page zine that kids could do.

Great thing with table with friends is that you get to move away from the table for photos (And Pokemon Go)!

The said display of the zines which is located at the corner of the library next to the manga section.

Once again the organiser David came to purchase a copy of the zine for the library just before the end of the fair! Despite not having a new zine yet (I'm procrastinating), trust me, that is really the main purpose of us coming to this fair! I even reprinted the sold out ones to complete my own collection in there! XD

We went to check out the Library's Zines display again to find our zines. I managed to find one of my Medjed Fever! in the comics category (As expected per my last year's post), although personally I didn't classify each of my zines to be all in the comics category but rather kids sections? I didn't managed to find my Zine It! zine so I just hope someone have borrowed it and put it into good use...!

Copy of my The World for the two of Us (4koma book), Ah! Risu's Worries (Illustration / 4koma book), Kemonomimi (Mini Illustration book) are is available at the Manly Library for reading / borrowing. Please be gentle with it because it is fragile. lol While you're at it, my fellow artist friend's Life of Ry (4koma book), VW Design (Illustration) and Yannie's second watercolour Zine is also available there so please do check them out!

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