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Brought to you by Pokelabo and Square Enix. The general outline of the story is by the creative director Yoko Taro, whose known for the NieR! In fact, there was the collaboration with alot of titles, and NieR! was one of them! Not to mention the soundtracks are composed by Keiichi who also participated in NieR! Though it didn't make me play it until now...
I guess it's best not to put one character on, but the actual library itself!

At the world called Library where countless fairy tales stories intertwine, the protagonists of each story are forced to repeat endlessly by killing other characters in order to revive the author of their story...

There are more characters as you play it but I'll leave the list to the default 4 that you could get in the gacha!

Alice (CV: MAO)
Snow White (CV: Ueda Reina)
Red Riding Hood (CV: Imamura Ayaka)
Pinocchio (CV: Sanpei Yuuko)

The basic gameplay includes the story quest, where you go into the story of the nominated character and battle along side with other players to defeat the enemies along the way.

Tap to activate skills or simply run auto.

Each character uses different weapon types and you could choose to execute 3 different skills that are unique to each character cards you have, which could assist you to finish the quest to the criteria. Equipment and cards have different elements Wind > Water > Fire > Wind and star ratings on rarity.

AP is replenished at a rate of 1 AP every 3 minutes or restore the AP going Cleaning. There is no limit on how many times of cleaning until you reach Rank 50.

* Auto mode on!
* Make sure your slayers wear the weapons, armour and accessories to boost status!
* Don't forget to power up weapons/ armour / nightmares by rankings - lowest of C, B, A to S, SS, and L! - and skill up your character!
* Complete the daily missions.

It's like Otome Yuusha (See my post here)! Except this one split the skill part during the Race Battle into a separate function called Cleaning.

Best to keep drawing circles...!

I started playing this because of the first male character that is designed by Kazuki Yone! Though I haven't had much luck with the gacha like I did last year for Chacha. 3 UR in three 10 rolls. orz Will probably play is on and off since it's not overly exciting and the said story part is relatively short and I lost the plot due to the amount of events. Meanwhile, enjoy all the beautiful illustration that comes with it...

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