[Cosplay] Katanagatari

Weekends full of Katanagatari

Yes! That’s right! With reference to Episode 4, 5 & 11! (Though only partially lol)

Soooooo in case you’re wondering what I’ve been up to... I have organised Kanagatari photoshoots over the past 2 weekends and help preparing for a Lolita meet last weekend! But I’ll keep this post as the Katanagatari photo post! XD

* Shichika Yasuri
* Togame
* Emonzaemon
* Maniwa Houou
* Maniwa Kamakiri
* Maniwa Mitsubachi
* Maniwa Chouchou

Photo spam below the cut.

*Possible spoilers Alert!*

You have been warned...
27/11/2011 Sunday – Sunny 27 Degree

Have planned this shoot for like over a month! Our first out of convention photo shoot! *YAY* And the weather didn’t fail us! It stopped raining on the Saturday afternoon so all went as planned! Many thanks for Hehalana for taking the photos in the heat in the non shaded area! m( _ _ )m

* Shichika Yasuri @ Haruki
* Togame @ Kurako
* Emonzaemon @ Bambi
* Maniwa Houou @ Nabari (Myself! XD)

Togame with a sword! Now you don’t get to see that often – like no more after Episode 1!
Photo @ Bambi

Photo @ Bambi

Been wanting to take one picture of Shichika & Togame holding hands! <3
Photo @ Bambi

lol I had no Dango!!! *sob* Didn’t have enough time to buy foam balls and make dango... though I prefer edible ones. Regardless, I tried to break my own arm and become...

One arm Houou from Episode 5! The other arm is somewhere on the ground...
Photo @ Bambi

Taken by chance when Togame is shooting Emonzaemon at the back. lol
Photo @ Hehalana

Emonzaemon with his freakin' long legs from anime... *feels jelly*
Photo @ Hehalana

Emonzaemon vs Houou!
Photo @ Hehalana

BEHOLD!!! Houou's EPIC throwing skills as shown in Episode 11!
Photo @ Hehalana

There's actually more of Houou taken by Hehalana, but I don't really feel like uploading them. :P

04/12/2011 Sunday – Cloudy , afternoon shower 19 Degree

Last minute shoot planned within 2 weeks. Our Mitsubachi came from interstate so we decided to have a quick Insect group photoshoot! XD I became the director for the day (Only managed to snap 30 odd pics) and many thanks for Haruki for taking photos non stop while we were laughing our heads off. Unfortunately Hehalana didn’t come on the day for Nanami – though she would be in Episode 7 outfit anyway. But we managed to tie Kamakiri to a tree! \(^ w ^)/ (lol I've been wanting to do that for a while :P) Another thing I was thankful was our Togame did Chouchou in less than 1 week’s time just for this shoot! Thank you for making it Kurako and excuse my pushy-ness when it comes to Katanagatari. XD

* Maniwa Kamakiri @ Bambi
* Maniwa Mitsubachi @ Dezmin
* Maniwa Chouchou @ Kurako

Chouchou & Mitsubachi

The last minute Chouchou that took less than a week to make... EPIC!

Kamakiri's creepy long nails...

YAY! Houou's chain is being used effectively! lol

Mitsubachi's little bee dart!

And lastly, the TRIO!

It was sad not to be able to do some of the Episode 4 scene as it started pouring. Didn’t get to use my red stress ball in the end. / _________ \ But surely, we'll be having another shoot (Hopefully next year) when we have the 12 Maniwani members... or probably a shoot with Oshidori (Also from interstate) and Chouchou at the end of the year!!! XD

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