[PSV] Persona 3 Dancing Moonlight

My play history of P3DAN!

Brought to you by Atlus! Many thanks to Akimi for urging to get the games in English, and then Tim Tam who helped us to actually get the games from Japan online! XD I shouldn't be playing it late at night but I couldn't resist. lol

Below is my play history on P3D!
Aegis Dancing retro light!

You woke up in unknown place along with your fellow SEEC members when you're all supposedly be be in bed sleeping! The group is then greeted by the my pace and pushy Eli-P (Elizabeth). As her guests at Club Velvet in your sleep, you are to dance and release your passion on stage! Rest in the special VIP room while each dancer team leader goes to dance floors outside the room!

Elizabeth!!! Basically light up my night after seeing her appearance!

It was too hard to take a picture of the dancing movement so I gave up, lol

Press the button at the right timing to combo! 23 songs in total and 4 different modes of difficulties - Easy, Normal, Hard and All night! Approximately 5 Short story per character! I'm relatively surprised that they don't do the shop system, and left it as the more you play, the more stories / accessories you unlock!

* Use handicap items to be used dance mode to earn extra percentage on scores and points!
* Check the criteria to unlock. Sometimes it's as simple as viewing one the stories of specific characters.
* Download the free DLC!
* Play each song in the easy mode! Takes approximately 2 hours to unlock all songs and all night mode!
* Make sure you read all the story to unlock character accessories!

Probably not so much dancing moonlight since there are stages where it's in broad daylight. XD Some stages have the midnight themed, but no shadow actually appears apart from the fever bar. I only wish there was as much of a new story as they did in Persona 4 Dancing All night (See my post here). Though saying that, The prologue is under Elizabeth's character story where if you read on you find out that it was a big versus against her younger sisters guests, as they have seen their older sister Margaret used dance to solve the problem of her "guests".

Though Elizabeth only mentioned about her older sister and younger sisters... what about Theodore whose part of P3P!? orz I think it makes more sense if it's 2 vs 2... though saying that, Theodore isn't the type to participate, but is dragged in by Elizabeth. Despite the opposing team have a cat member, Koromaru didn't make the cut in the game, I guess Amada's new design is the replacement of Koromaru? That or Aegis is considered the Mascot of Persona 3? XD

I didn't realised the girls are so short in P3! Definitely alot of nostalgic feelings whilst playing it! It was great seeing all the familiar stages being recreated in high resolutions! Not to mention that boy / girl group outfit reminds me of Vocaloid... overall it's so good I felt like crying every time I look at the visuals...

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