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Welcome to Nameless Hotel

Brought to you by Actkey Co Ltd aka Asobigokoro! Been playing their titles as fillers temporary, and picking titles as I go. XD This one caught my eyes because it reminds me of Tasokare Hotel (See my post here) - simply the idea of a hotel (and perhaps the bob haircut). lol Unlike their last title Yakou Ressha Bousousuru Resshakara no dasshutsu (See my post here), despite the same shortness of the story, this one had more characters...
Despite the size of the hotel, the escape room part was mostly carried out on one floor, and my guess is the ground floor. lol

Hirato Yuu is a year 5 student. One night before the end of his summer holiday, he heard a CM on the radio about Nanashi Hotel - a place where you could escape all the stress from school and working life! Not to mention there is no charge to stay nor a limit to the duration of your stay. The next day, after meeting up with a friend at the pool, he hurried home to finish the homework. On his way home he come across a building that he never notice before and a man greeted him with a big smile. Before Yuu notice the time, it was already evening so he must hurry home otherwise his mum would be angry. But the door in the room was locked and the furniture talks...!?

He looks more like a boy than a man in my opinion. XD

Yuu just wants to go home... (and do his homework).

Tap on suspicious areas to collect items. Tap on the item and use them to solve puzzles! Two items maybe use on each other.

The game is simple enough to the point that I decided not to include tips. lol They even have basic hints without the need to view any ads! XD

Spoiler alert
It's definitely Beauty and the beast themed escape room! lol I knew it the moment I saw the wardrobe, then the clocks before they even mentioned they used to be humans. The only characters missing were beauty and the beast! XD

To be honest, I didn't think Yuu was that bad and needs to be punished by locking him away. I mean in the end, he still finish his homework in order to get out. All he wanted to do was just go home and not be scolded by his mum.

The only mystery that remains are the other people who was turned into various furniture. I wonder how long they were stuck inside for, before they were turned into furniture. Bare in mind, our protag Yuu is only a year 5 student too! To think for a year 5 student to be able to escape the hotel, it must means Yuu is super smart! XD Which makes sense if he don't have to spend alot of time doing his home work in order to escape or during the summer holiday. lol
Spoiler ends


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