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Alchemists of Braceir

Brought to you by Gust Co. Ltd x Koei Tecmo x NHN PlayArts and Now Production!

The game was released as part of the 20th Anniversary of Atelier! Not to mention the main stories are fully voiced too. So that said, despite knowing the fact that Sterk won't be appearing in this one, but it's probably a much better game app than the Atelier Quest board in terms of gameplay and story!
Looking at the character proportion, they're all equally important!

You are a Alchemist in Training aiming to be the best whilst starting an adventure with friends within the Royal Academic School, aka Academy. Despite being woken up by your sidekick fairy Peppermint, you were late to your first day of second year school so your teacher Bergamot wasn't pleased. With fewer alchemists around the world, the school principal Johnswort seems to think highly of you...

Are you a girl or a boy!? Interesting how they don't default to Boy... since historically they're all girls, so I assume it's best to choose a girl! Though I was tempted to choose to be a boy at first thinking there could be chances for some romances!

Main gameplay is searching the fields to your hearts content by controlling the character! Slide to navigate and tap action (Chat / investigate / battle). This could be changed within the game setting to just slide or tap.


Collect required ingredients and clear quests by creating items and equipment. Not to mention you need to get recipes in order to do it by progressing with the story and collecting new ingredients. Depending on the time and weather conditions, the monsters and materials may change!


Create your unit of maximum 4 characters. Equip your characters with a range of weapon, shield, hats, clothing and accessories! You could also battle against monsters by tapping on them. The battle runs in semi auto mode with a tap to trigger skills. If your unit member also uses skills consecutively then it could trigger chain bonus.

* You could edit your character at anyone time! That said, you could wear some of the equipment if they were gender specific!
* Don't forget to Rank up your character! That way you could level up the character further! Not that I'm near that level yet but just keep rank up things as they adds up stats!
* Look out for green dots on the map for materials!
* Clear some minor quests with unwanted items! I generally clear them out by clearing minor quests or selling them when I feel lazy.
* Check the far right hand of the entrance for two hidden materials gathering area!
* Keep all your honey! It seems so precious that I could hardly find them anymore to make potions!
* When your HP are low, return to the academy! Saves some materials and items! XD
* Go to shop and get your freebies! Otherwise, use coins effectively for some great discounts (with limited number of times you could redeem)!
* ensure you have item space before you head out! Otherwise you're throwing away materials for free!
* Make things on the go if required / need spaces! Anytime anywhere! So convenient! Not to mention I think my alchemy level will be higher than my character levels all the time! lol
* Complete main quests in order to progress with the story.
* Strength up the equipment by leveling up with the same type and rarity equipment! That said, 4 stars equipment could become 5 stars equipment!
* Make sure you convert unwanted equipment into materials so you could create 4+ stars items! Because ranking the materials up is relatively costly!

I was so happy that Rorona (Rorolina) is a default team character!!! XD My bias! Not to mention she comes with special quests, just like the other new characters for this game! Much like herself, she nicknamed the other characters since their names were hard to remember, though that's in her character story since she's not our protag of this game. lol I like how everyone is fully voiced in the main story including the protag! I got to the point where I have too many characters to think if I needed gacha anymore since they do (star) rank up.

I love how they decorate the academy with your team members!

The gameplay reminds me of Bravely Default, except the characters are more colourful and uniquely designed! There are some awkward moments when you walk straight into the character to talk. lol Not that the characters mind at all. XD I do see potential ships between some of the characters! And there's a big mystery behind the Protag's background! I do think the story does go similar flow to it too, but so far it's not bad for a free game! :D

Definitely a keeper until I finish the story (I wonder if they already have an ending)!?

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