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Brought to you by Colopl! Known for Shironeko Project, but this marks their first mobile otome game! I did play Shironeko Project previously, but never got to typing it up (typical) mostly because it was quite boring after some hours. lol

I guess this is the opportunity to give their games another go!
Couldn't find the right timing to screen capture. haha

Shinonome Academy is an elite school in Tokyo that gathers extraordinary talents nation wide. Mochizuki Yuma was on his first day of school but got lost and arrived to the school in the police car. There the welcome ceremony includes performing Yume Live in your dream where you're connected with one another...

As expected from the city schools, even the welcome ceremonies are different! lol

Mochizuki Yuma (CV: Shimazaki Nobunaga)
Hanabusa Yanagi (CV: Furukawa Shin)
Harimiya Touji (CV: Toyonaga Toshiyuki)
Mikekado Shion (CV: Aoi Shouta)
Torasawa Issei (CV: Fukamachi Toshinari)
Asagiri Mikage (CV: Tachibana Shinosuke)
Shibasaki Shinya(CV: Yamaguchi Tomohiro)
Hakka Shigure (CV: Kobayashi Yuusuke)

Nito Senri (CV: Hanae Natsuki)
Takaomi Shishimaru (CV: Uchida Yuuma)
Ryugasaki Jin (CV: Takeuchi Shunsuke)
Maki Chizuru (CV: Toki Shunichi)
Kuma Rintaro (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya)
Yuni Bianchi (CV: Tenno Nanarui)
Kasuka Shibutani (CV: Tasuku Hatanaka)
Ushiwaka Minato (CV: Nakajima Yoshiki)

Kiritani Yosuke (CV: Koyasu Takehito)
Saruwatari Kiichi (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru)
Masachika Inoh (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke)
Houdou Mamori (CV: Suzuki Yuuto)

The lessons feels pretty fun. lol

The lesson involves 10 short session, with each session requires you to choose two characters with the right element or with high tension to trigger higher points earned! I love how the cute avatars interacting with one another! Earn lesson points (LP) to unlock chapter 1+! The ranking does not impact on unlocking of the story, so earn those points by the criteria to read on!

Perform in the Yume Live and win!

* Friend code!
* Auto run the lesson!

First thought that the game had something to do with idol boys, but the PV tells me otherwise with each character having a different specialty. lol But was there a need to have all the guys singing the opening song though if it wasn't an idol boys game? XD Not to mention, when they perform they are just... sleeping...!? So that means it'll all depends on how good is their imagination!?

That aside, it's generally screaming A3! (See my post here) to me! I do like the little chibi with dialogue summary of each chapter that was read! Makes the story abit more memorable after all that character interactions! Though to be honest, since they're all just sleeping, I don't feel they're really as active, or if anything that they see or do are true. lol

Due to the nature of the lack of heroine, I probably won't be able to see any romance scenes in this one. I'll probably stick to A3!...

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