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My play history of P5DAN!

Brought to you by Atlus! Not long after the Persona 3 Dancing Moonlight (See my post here), I've headed straight into the Persona 5 Dancing Starlight game (It was there as a package anyway)! Much similar to P3DAN, this one follows the same flow as well. I think they could have really just combine the two games together, which would make it even more EPIC! XD

Below is my play history on P5DAN!
Welcome to the Mona show!

You woke up in unknown place along with your fellow members when you're all supposedly be be in bed sleeping! The group is then greeted by the Twins Caroline and Justine. As their guests at Club Velvet in your sleep, you are to invited to dance! Rest in the special VIP room while each dancer team leader goes to dance floors outside the room!

Something doesn't change even in your dreams...


Press the button at the right timing to combo! There are 4 different modes of difficulties - Easy, Normal, Hard and All night! Approximately 5 Short story per character! The more you play, the more stories / accessories you unlock!

* Use handicap items to be used dance mode to earn extra percentage on scores and points!
* Check the criteria to unlock. Sometimes it's as simple as viewing one the stories of specific characters.
* Download the free DLC!
* Play each song in the easy mode! Takes approximately 2 hours to unlock all songs and all night mode!
* Make sure you read all the story to unlock character accessories!

I did spoke to other people who played the two games previously, and majority mentioned that they prefer P3DAN better. I felt the same, however, I could not help but think I felt P3DAN was better mostly because that was the first of the two games I played, plus the fact that I'm hugely bias to P3! XD

Not to mentioned I felt the songs were alot longer, so I felt like I'm struggling through finishing the songs! I find most time that I'm like thinking the song is ending but I'm only half way there... perhaps that's how long the songs are nowadays, just like most movies. orz I also find that the characters in P5 have more head movements compared to the P3 characters...! Not sure if I was just distracted from background though... regardless, it would be interesting to see which team won the dance battle in the end!

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