[iPhone] Yami kara wa Hajimaru Akuma na Koijitsu


Brought to you by SQ Inc. Beautifully illustrated by Toumei, who I've came across previously in Shitsuji no Maris to Kan no shujin (See my post here), so it's likely that we expect yet another houchi game! Though I must say because I can't see what the heroine looks like (yet), I couldn't tell it was her art until I saw the app information.

What got me back onto this the recent collaboration with Girl Style Game Tengoku review by the seiyuu Kenn and Maeno Tomoaki!

It started with the certain contract with the devil...
To be honest, after the top two, I'm not particularly interested in the other Devils! XD

Congratulation! You're greeted by Taaffe, whose familiar of the Devil. You're the chosen one in one hundred million that by chance, your soul is compatible with Devil!


Watch out for red treasure box for Familiar chance which allows maximum soul collections! Too bad the blue treasure box doesn't go away until after watching a ad... that said, I have 11 blue box I'm trying to avoid to date. lol

Summon little devil and put them at various locations to collect souls. You could also collect soul pieces in the where people are gathered over time at your local park by sliding (I know they say tap but why tap when sliding works!?)! Using the soul to explore new locations! Participate in the Cryptid Battle (Different level available) to earn more spirit and gacha medals to summon more little devils! Ah, the whole vicious cycle! lol

This is probably the only place you'll see heroine! I did wish I could equip her with items purchased with Souls... but nope, they're all for your Devil kareshi.

But finally, you use a ticket (Maximum 3 tickets per day) to enter Hell to meet with your chosen Devil boyfriend, where you could talk, offer souls and gifts. Soul offering or gifting will increase the blue gauge, and talking or would increase the love gauge. Once both gauge are Maxed out, along with 4 actions done, you could progress with the story.

Somehow I didn't think he was seating that comfortably in that chair with his wings out...

There are 10 chapters (Each chapter takes 10 visit too! ) in total, and 7 event CGs per route! I'm surprise they didn't aim for 6 CGs...

* Login daily! There are login bonuses everyday! But remember to collect them from the present box! Don't you wish they just give it to you directly!?
* Auto run Cryptid battle! Because 100 slot machine pulls are ridiculously boring! Watch the ad for another lot of 100 battle!
* Unlock all the devils and locations!
* Send devils with higher bonus to locations with more spirits (Time)!
* Once both gauge are Max, talk again to trigger story update! I find that nothing else works and felt as though I wasted some of the souls by adding onto the blue gauge. So when both meters have been maxed out, just use the free talking!
* Gift the cheapest item first! lol You don't need to go all the way to Holy Grail first thing! Would be such a waste, but not that you would have collected that many souls first up anyway. XD
* Watch a short ad for free items! I love the fact that they include the chances of items that could be obtained! This is replenished every hour!

This ended up being more complicated than your normal houchi game... or even its previous title! You'll be relieve to know that despite you are collecting spirit from random people, it seems like no one is harm in the process of pursuant of your love! lol As such, I have to say I was fully distracted by the English menu but Japanese content! Further, I was pretty much done with slot machine after Setsubou Game (See my post here), though I do think there is end in the tunnel with this one... only after you reach chapter 2 onwards... orz

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