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Minani aishite moraitaino

Brought to you by FreeP (released in the name Wada Makoto)! I've only played their title Nisekono Chat de Idol to renaishiyou previously but have not made a post. Since I wasn't overly fond of the Uwaki theme in general, not to mention that you're the one that are cheating on the others! XD I'm more used to be the one catching them more so now it's total reverse!

Sequel to the titles, Uwakishitemo Yurushitene and Uwakishitara Shinda which as the title suggest, you'll gameover when you're find out. This time the heroine is Menhera and Yandere! So what is Menhera!? Having look up the term it's along the theme of mental illness. The Menhera characters are generally portrayed in sickness, gore, medicine and self harms... at least from what I see online. XP You could read more on it, but back on track to this game...
Our heroine!

I'm Saitou Kana, a 21 years old Office Lady. I was told by a senior that once you become a worker, the changes of meeting guys would decrease. But that wasn't the case for me at all and I'm glad that there are alot of people who loves me. Before I notice it, I'm currently dating 8 guys at the same time. They love me and I want to be loved... I must reply them without being caught that I'm cheating on them, since I don't want to be alone anymore...

Takeshima Keita
Tashiro Tomoyuki
Tominaga Chihiro
Aisaka Wataru
Masuda Yuutarou
Ihori Tsuyoshi
Yoshizaki Kenzou
Narita Kousuke

Your list of Kareshi! Could tell Kana's taste is pretty... broad. lol

Choose the best reply from the list of 3 option supplied! The rating for the love meter ranges from bad, good and great. You may receive a call between the game, so don't be alarmed. There is no need for reply with voice and you could simply stop the call once it's connected.

Honestly, I think Kana needs new disguise / clothing so that she's not so easily spotted. lol

Simply lie your way to a happy (harem) end without being exposed! Once you're exposed that you're 2 timing (8 timing to be exact) then it's bad end!

Feels itai throughout the whole game since there are some kareshi that I wasn't expecting - the age gaps, the occupations they're in, and all sort of the mess. lol Not to mention when you send some self harming photos over you get a phone call immediately! I don't think I'm up for that kind of attention. lol

You get half of them that looks like characters from otome game, and the other half looking like they're thrown in to spice things up. Those photographic evidences makes me cringe. lol Wataru catch my attention mostly because he reminds me of Yuuto from Himo Otoko (See my post here)! I think Wataru and Keita actually cares for Kana the most! XD

Can't wait to see the character listing when they release the update with the change of sex. I'm sure they would do the same for the routes... but would be interesting if they also leave them as they are. lol Meanwhile, you could get yourself occupied with other SNS style such as Himitsu no Kankei Hajimemashita (See my post here) or a series of Uwaki games that I've played previously (See my post here)...


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