[Android] Oujisama to Ikenai Solitaire

Prince x Solitaire

Brought to you by Arithmetic x Nobollel Inc! As gamers of various otome mobile games, needless to say, we should be quite familiar with Arithmetic's Ikenai Love otome game series http://www.ikelove.jp/! Featuring characters from Oujisama to Ikenai Keiyaku Kekkon (There are so many of them which I have played but didn't do a post on since they already have them translated in various languages!) and if you have played Cybird's Ikemen Sengoku Solitaire no Ran (See my post here) before, this one should be no stranger either!

On a side note, I did not know there is an alternative name for Solitaire which is Klondike! I only notice it when I read the game app information.
To be honest they should just replace all the gifts with cards. lol

Since it's just a mini game, there aren't any story lines. So I'm gonna skip the character listing here too. XP

If you have played Solitaire on computer regularly, you should be fairly familiar with the gameplay. XD The aim is to get the cards into order from Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 20, Jack, Queen, King by the four suits.

They made the princes wear kindergarten outfits... so they're no longer prince!

There are 3 different difficulties ranges from easy, normal and hard, which gives you different rewards. In easy mode, you only get 1 silver coin upon completion since you start from putting 7 back to the deck (First half is done for you already!), so if possible, try to play normal mode which gives you 7-10 silver coins! Don't forget it's only upon completion that you get your rewards, so if you couldn't finish or doesn't look like it's going well, you could go back to the title and start another game.

There are additional items that could aid the game such as Search, All and Move. Search will show where the Ace is for one suit, All will show where the Ace is for all four suits, and move will shuffle the stacks to allow continuation of the game.

* Login daily for bonus and play the roulette for game wallpaper and trump card background designs!
* Watch video after the game for bonus rewards! Rewards varies so be sure to check if it's worthwhile. E.g. 3 times the reward when you finished the hard mode is totally worth it.
* Reset (Restart) if you're stuck, otherwise random tapping seems to work also? XP

As usual, I wish they could allow a message to be generated when you could not continue anymore... orz especially when you have used up all your helpful items! Personally didn't feel much of the prince vibe throughout the game since they made it all chibi...

Recommended for killing time and or if you're a fan of Solitaire and Oujisama to Ikenai Keiyaku Kekkon characters!


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