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Brought to you by Elex Tech! Tried to see what the fuss was about since it's now available in the app store! The vibe and gameplay feels similar to Onmyouji (See my post here), which is not unexpected, since it was first released as a Chinese game! The seiyuu aspect are added to get the fans across the globe.

Foodies, it’s time to put your skills to the test!

NOTE: There are no eating skills required but probably more cooking knowledge...
We could tell whose the main food soul companion is in the title...

Set in the magical world of Tierra after the Era War, where there are Fallen Angels driving the world to destruction with hunger, greed, and sins. With the magical abilities to summon the souls discovered in food, you become the new owner of s restaurant at Gloriville were reach out to by the Rice. Manage your restaurant along with your Food Soul companions in the hope of restoring the balance once again...

Main gameplay of the story.

Collect Food Souls through summon! All food souls have unique skills so skill up and send them out to help out at the restaurant, deliveries (Vehicles and airships), exploration of materials / food souls, battles in the arena (PvE or PvP).

Equip your soul companions with the Fallen Angels after purification process and create the ultimate Food team with Food combos which will allow skills to be activated during battle!

Restaurant part of the game.

Unlock recipes through trial and errors, customise your restaurant with different furniture!

* Add friends! Here's my ID: 748800
* Try to put the food soul companions together in the team to enable skills!
* Allow the battle to auto run at x2 speed!
* Don't forget to activate skills or remove barriers to your food souls!
* Clear the tasks/missions!
* Once you have cleared the 3 criteria for a stage, you could fast play (x5 times rate) to get the required ingredients! I found out abit late so I got abit bored. lol
* Collect your rewards!
* Don't forget to use the level up items for your food souls!
* Play with the different mixtures before summoning! At least that's what I think! XD

To be honest I wasn't expecting a restaurant game but just cards and battles! I suppose you do need to earn funds to equip them with the skills and items to venture forth through the restaurant. Not to mention because of the restaurant function, you would need to put them into the fridge to recover their freshness so they could continue to operate your restaurant!

I love how they pair up the food Gijinka! I'm happy whenever I managed to activate their skill when grouping them! lol Thinking about them abit further, it seems like there is only one of a kind soul companion! Much like Yoaki Watch, you only get one and put one into the team and no more. I can't help but imagine what happens to them when the food of their corresponding soul is being processed into dishes (Nothing! So don't worry, this isn't a horror game!)!

As you level up there are more and more things to do, like purifying the Fallen Angels naming (Their names are pretty relevant too such as Binge and Gluttony) not to mention the guild system, but I won't go into the details. It would be nice if they give us the opportunity to use recommended group button! Not to mention sometimes it takes 3 to activate the skill too! I managed to get a fully skill lit team but no of them were URs. One thing for sure is that it's battery and time draining! I started to lose track of the story and more focused just on the restaurant and missions! I guess this will temporary substitute my lacking of Tokimeki restaurant (See my post here)...

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