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Gun Danshi!

Brought to you by Marvelous and LINE! Not to mention that the animation was aired this year in July! I originally typed this up prior to the animation too. lol I blame it on the issue with logging in as a guest, which I lost my account completely (I miss my great cards from the gacha - mind you, they were hard to get when you don't pay the price like me)! Learn from my mistake, register an account for this game!

Below is the play history I did on the game when I was still progressing...
Interestingly the didn't go through and show all the characters on the cover in the downloading screen.

Set in the world where the possession of weapons are prohibited by the World's Empire. In the middle of the ruin, you reached out to a glowing red rock in the dark, which became a rose imprinted into your hand just before you passed out. You woke up and was brought to the resistance group, an underground organisation that oppose to the World's Empire. Goorambat, whose leader of the resistance group put you in charge of medical because the miracle power that you now possess is able to awaken the noble gunman in antique guns. Your task as their master is to heal the them when they battle against the modern guns...

Due to the massive amount of characters (and the cast list), I figured I'll leave you to it. lol I only went ahead and type the ones that were on the loading screen while I wait.

Brown Bess (CV: Yashiro Taku)
Charleville (CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke)
Springfield (CV: Aoi Shouta)
Kentucky (CV: Kaji Yuki)
Napoleon (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke)

Brown Bess and Charleville are your starter gunmans. The battle is run semi auto, when the character noble gauge is max, (reference to the red rose) tap to trigger Absolute Nobility (Either attack enemy or cover an alley) or when team max the gauge together, you could trigger Shinjyuu (Similar to an all out attack).
and healing is required, tap on the character to uses medi points (MP). You could also heal them in the Infirmary at the base.

I miss my SR 4 star card.

Select the mini character at the base that you want to communicate with. Once you achieve high love meter, you could unlock special scenarios.

Your usual visual novel style! He's probably the only human guy in this game. lol

* Don't forget to heal your nobleman that are injured in the last battle!
* Don't forget to watch love episode to level up the characters!
* Don't forget to check the meeting room to view quests!
* There are special team combination that allows you trigger skills or bonuses, so do check your team. Otherwise, just use the recommended function.

The gameplay reminds me of Touken Ranbu, while Touken was about Swords in Ancient / traditional Japanese styles, this one is about guns in ancient European styles! Since I never managed to do a write up for Touken, I would say the gameplay is also similar to Sengoku Night Blood (see my post here)! Nevertheless, this one is more time consuming in contrast, I just wish there is a skip function!

The in game currency for the gacha is hard to obtain and since I lost my account, I think I'll stay away from this one for a while. On a side note, I moved on to Food Fantasy (See my post here), which is one reason why I finally posted this! lol

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