[iPhone] Shin Tennis no Oujisama Rising Beat

Tenipuri Rhythm game!

Brought to you by Akatsuki Inc! I never thought I would play anymore Prince Of Tennis (POT) games anymore since their otome game Tennis no Oujisama Motto Gakuensai no Oujisama on PS2. Come to the thing about it, it was probably my first otome games on PS! lol Unfortunately this is just purely a rhythm game!

The story mode is partially voiced, but have no fear, the songs are fully voiced (Although not full song)!
The size of the newer characters are pretty big compared to more popular ones... =w=...

Since the national tournament, Seigaku Tennis club is to participate as representatives of Japan in the U-17 (Under Seventeen) tournament! But first up, they will go on the training camp...

Ryoma Echizen
Kunimitsu Tezuka
Keigo Atobe
Seiichi Yukimura
Eshiroh Kite
Kuranosuke Shiraishi
Houou Byodoin
Ryoga Echizen
Kazuya Tokugawa

Despite being the youngest among the all the third years, he isn't overly short in chibi form compared to the others. XD

Tap on the 4 button at time right timing when the ball reaches the racket. The tap is graded by SSS, Great, Nice and Bad. The 3 categories of songs are common songs (default), limited songs (Available for a short period of time only) and the event songs (Event only). However, some songs can be purchased at the shop.

Character cards rarity ranges between SSR, SR, R and N. The colours ranges from Red, Blue or Green (Sounds like Pokemon types...). These character cards become chibi characters that will appear in your Tennis Clubroom when you set them as your mains.

I love how they default Tezuka as your main. lol

Decorate your very own Tennis Clubroom with equipment and your favourite characters. This will help to increase the relationship with your characters and increase their stats to increase score earned during the matches!

* Login daily for rewards!
* Add friends!
* Use recommended team.
* Always skill up your higher rarity cards.
* Play event for the special songs!
* Use autoplay for those character songs you don't want to play. lol

Nostalgic! xD First song I came across was Future! which is sung by Minagawa Junko! I always like the character songs for Ryoma because of how nice the songs are (Soothing to the ears)! XD I guess that's when I first notice seiyuu's voices! Although saying that, Tezuka is my favourite character! XD

It's funny to see when you select the song, you are playing against the one character who sang the song. That said, you may have duplicate character appearance when your character card is also the same character. I have instances where the character cheering was also the character I'm playing against... Just who is he cheering on?! XD

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