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Brought to you by Otomate x Wright Flyer Studios (WFS)! I first came across it with their Line account because of the pretty characters drawn by miko who also illustrate for Code:Realize! I once started commencing writing this up but then later deleted since I lost interest... but their recent update on the closure of this one early next year made me want to do write finish writing it again! lol

But have no fear, since the game isn't gone completely. It's just that they're removing the actual gameplay (and WFS) and selling each character route story for your reading pleasure that's released by Idea Factory themselves, with slight change in the title with an additional tag line Toki gankitara, Kono onegai wo (Aka Love Toki)!
The original characters of this story...

Shiina (Name changeable) was involved in a accident and woke up inside a library with a huge mysterious clock with the 13th hour marked on it. Besides you was a white book and there were 9 other people who are trapped in this mysterious place. All the doors appears to be locked and to escape, so all of you have no choice but to uncovering clues of the mysterious book and defeat ayakashi while complete it before the clock strikes on 13.

Satoru (CV: Ono Kenshou)
Nao (CV: Ishikawa Kaito)
Akora (CV: Namikawa Daisuke)
Eichi (CV: Hino Satoshi)
Tsukasa (CV: Kaji Yuuki)
Rekka (CV: Ono Yuuki)
Sou (CV: Kimura Ryouhei)
Tomori (CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke)
Yuu (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko)

It makes me wonder how they actually battle those Ayakashi...

Simply slide through 3+ of the same colour jewels to clear.
* 3+ jewels, to clear.
* 6+ jewels, to clear and a bomb will appear. Tap on it to clear the pieces around the bomb.

Once the Fever gauge is filled, it will be automatically activated. Tap on the white/silver star to clear more gems within the fever mode! Each character also have special character skill which could be activated by tapping on the character when the gauge is full and shining.

At the last stage of each game, quickly clear the jewels around the Shiny potion to unleash a powerful attack to defeat the ayakashi. If your HP bar goes to zero the game ends, so it is important that you tap on the Heart for healing.

Create the ultimate team according to the stage elements to allow higher scores and ease completion! Personally though, I find that having all sort of different colours seems to work better... I just choose the supporting (Friend's) character with the element that's more effective for the round.

Garnet (Red) > Emerald (Green) > Sapphire (Blue) > Garnet (Loop)
Amethyst (Purple) > Diamond (Yellow) > Amethyst (Loop)

The above is just the basic gameplay. There are more in terms of getting rare characters, awakening (Pure or Alluring), leveling, skills ups and friends coins etc. But I won't go into the details since this game isn't going to last long. lol

The story somewhat reminds me of SINoALICE (See my post here) with the crossover titles which includes other Otomate games such as Hakuouki, Amnesia, Norn9, Yunohana Spring and Moujuutachi to Ohimesama! To be honest, at first I thought this was Sephirot Toki no Seikaiju because of all the Otomate titles! lol Not to mention there are familiar CGs...

To be honest I feel the original characters are undermine by the existing characters from other titles.

Gameplay is the same as Yume100 (See my post here) and the likes. Mind you, I still play Yume100, but can't say the same for the others. This one is a slightly simplified version of it but it was difficult to screen shot since it restarts when ever I accidentally change the screen. orz Not to mention it download every time there is the story part before it ask whether I wanted voice or not... meanwhile, play the free story before it last!

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