[iPhone] Hikari to Kage no Regulus

Meikyuu no Ouji dachi

Brought to you by Intense Co Ltd! A love simulation game mixed with escape room component which was released quite some time ago! With 2 different characters, 6 different endings and 72 event CG illustrated by Habara Yoshikazu!

There was this puzzle in Chapter 3 stopped me playing for abit. I really didn't like how it redownload the current chapter every time when I re launch the app. But I finally got around to finishing off this one to clear some space for other games... surprisingly the game is still on iTunes!
This is all the characters that you will see in the game. lol

Heroine wakes up to find herself in the middle of the forest. Without memories, voice and any idea where she is, she was held captive by the wild roses and they started attacking her! Luckily a mysterious man came to the rescue and whilst lost in conscious...


I feel like we get deeper and deeper as we go. lol

Tap on the areas that you think look suspiciously odd. Use items collected along the way to aid the escape and by talking to them to solve the puzzles.

Story style of the game.

Choosing different answers to increase the love meter!

The escape part was very linear... one object for one process. There are around 3 puzzles in each room. Confusing enough, when you choose to be rescue by a particular character but whilst moving onto the chapter, you're opt to another. Some part I swear I have previously tapped on but didn't show any response until I was really out of what to do.

It was interesting to see the side face of the character on screen. lol Equally amazing when I saw the back of the character still image on another otome game. lol

You're required to use one jewel initially as recommended to see that one CG. lol Up to 5 jewels are given for first plays. Not recommended to save, use jewel and load as the game remembers that you have used it already. =w= So not alot of things to see if you don't pay. D: But otherwise, you could still finish the game without paying...

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