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BDarling Puchi

Brought to you by Caerux! Since I was updating the other app under the same company, I figured I would do this one too! Not to mention I never write up for the proper game for this one! lol This is a spin off of the Beast Darling Kemomimi Danshi to Hitsumi no Ryou but lite mode! It doesn't flow on from the original story so you could play it without playing the original game!

Only available on the Japanese iTune store!

On a closer look their blocks are all different shapes!

There isn't a prologue and it isn't voiced. lol But here's the list of the characters and their seiyuus.

Kujou Shishio (CV: Kaji Yuuki)
Kujou Tuuto (CV: Kenn)
Kumagai Chitose (CV: Shirai Yuusuke)
Saotome Shirou (CV: Junya Haruka)
Takamiya Kyousuke (CV: Sakai Koudai)

I love how they managed to squeeze their heads into the block. So detailed compared to all the other ones I played with similar gameplay!

Match 3 or more of the character blocks by swapping two adjacent blocks to clear within the move limit. The more you clear in one go, the higher your score! Clear the stage and unlock Gao! Talk and wallpapers that are exclusive to this game!!

You could use items to assist you, but they need to activated before commencing! Unfortunately it's not so easy to earn coins. But hey, they do have a log in bonus! Watching an ad right after failing might be worth while as it gives you 5 more moves. Note, should use it wisely as once you use it, you need to wait for a certain time to replenish!

Much like Candy Rush Saga, there's a map with all the stages and you could play them at any time! Up to 100 levels! I generally find maps very cute in any games because it makes me feel like they have planned it properly most time and I could see where we're heading. XD

There isn't a need to clear all the stages with 3 stars ranking, as you pass the required level / stage, you unlock the Gao! Talk (Every 5 levels) and wallpapers (Total of 6) anyway!

The Gao! talk shows the conversation between the characters from the series which appears like SNS conversation. Pretty lively bunch and you get to see their personality and thoughts on particular topics. Sad to see not much heroine participation, makes it feel like we're spying on their interactions...

As with all their apps, this one requires internet connection, so it's not one that you could play on the plane. orz

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